Packers sign T/G Byron Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 Bell

T/G Jacob Alsadek released

The Green Bay Packers signed T/G Byron Bell and  Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey released T/G Jacob Alsadek. General Manager Brian Gutekunst announced the transactions Wednesday.

Bell (6-5, 320), has played in 90 career games with 74 starts during the regular season and started all three postseason games he appeared in. He was originally signed as an undrafted rookie free agent out of New Mexico by the Carolina Panthers on July 28, 2011. He played in 62 games with 56 starts for the Panthers over four seasons (2011-14), playing right and left tackle. Bell also started all three postseason games he played in for Carolina. During t Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey he 2015 offseason, he signed with the Tennessee Titans, where he started all 16 games during his first year (seven at left guard, eight at right tackle and one at left tackle) and then missed the entire 2016 season after suffering an ankle injury during OTAs. In 2017, Bell played in 12 games with two starts (both at left tackle) for the Dallas Cowboys. He will wear No. 74 for the Packers.

Alsadek (al-SEH-deck) signed with the Packers as a rookie free agent out of the University of Arizona on May 4.

Th Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 at’s what we’re all waiting to find out

Don’t expect anything to be easy

Les from Las Vegas, NV

We’re still watching hockey here. Just sayin’ …

It sounds like the atmosphere for Game 1 of the Cup Finals was pretty special. It’s shaping up to be a whale of a series.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

Hey fellas, I keep coming back to this question/thought. How in the name of all God’s green goodness do the Rams have the cap space for everyone on their roster?!

Primarily because their franchise quarterback, award-winning running back and No. 1 cornerback are all still on their first contracts. The combined 2018 cap number for Goff, Gurley and Peters is around $13.7 million, dirt cheap for three huge pieces. In 2019, Goff will be entering the fourth year of his rookie deal, and Gurley and Peters have had their fifth-year options exercised. If no extensions are worked out (and the Rams might negotiate long-term deals with any or all of them), their 2019 combined cap number, as of now, basically doubles to around $27.6 million.

Howie from Saint Ignace, MI

When would the timing be best for the organization to sign Aaron Rodgers’ contract extension?

Anytime between now and Week 1.

Justin from Paradise, UT

Insiders, what is with all this cereal nonsense? Just go without the milk, keep a spoon clean, and go eat it with your hands in front of cartoons.

Or the early-morning SportsCenter.

Patrick from Burlington, IL

When I look at our roster, I don’t see a lot of weaknesses. Of course there are areas that could use some improvement or more depth, but no huge holes. Do you see any holes in our roster?

A 90-man roster shouldn’t have huge holes, and health permitting, a good 90-man roster produces a solid 53-man one. Injuries ultimately tell you how much depth you really have.

Aaron from Fort Wayne, IN

In response to a question yesterday about why pros still need to work on fundamentals, I think it relates to the level of competition you are facing. At every Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey  level increase from high school to college to the pros, players you are competing against are that much more fundamentally sound. Now add in fatigue. It’s easy to get lazy and not use your fundamentals when you’re physically and mentally exhausted over the course of the game. These fundamentals have to be so ingrained that your body reacts without thinking in the correct way and in the pros, I can’t even imagine what that is like when the guy opposite you has trained to do the exact same thing.

Pure athletic ability wins out less often the further up the chain you go. It can still decide some matchups, but not as many.

Bill from Plover, WI

Maybe taking a different tack on the “back to fundamentals” issue. I’m thinking that Capers’ defensive playbook wa Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey s so complicated that when injuries caused the second-string guys to fill in, assignments got missed and the defense fell apart. I think “back to fundamentals” is another way of saying “simplify the playbook” so much more flexibility is possible as far as personnel packages, and a stronger defense is the result.

That’s a popular take. I still wonder if the back half of the roster was so young that injuries forced the playbook to shrink too much, so the opposing offense had less to worry about on top of young, not-ready defenders making mistakes. There’s some overl Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 ap in those two descriptions, but I think it still comes back to having the depth to withstand injuries. When I think back to the onslaught of injures in 2010, who took over at inside linebacker when Barnett went down? Bishop, a fourth-year pro. When other injuries hit, the Packers were signing veterans like Walden and Green off the street, and they jumped in right away. As I said when Gutekunst became GM, I’m very curious to see what the back half of his first 53-man roster looks like from an experience standpoint, and subsequently how the roster inevitably changes as the season progresses.

Paul from De Pere, WI

From my foxhole the battle between Hundley and Kizer is for a single roster spot, No. 2. Boyle is fighting for No. 3 and a roster spot on the 53 or 63. I could see keeping Kizer as the No. 3, but not Hundley. How do you look at the QB situation?

Sounds about right.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

When the Cavs win the NBA Finals, do you think Randall will honor my request for a Kizer jersey?

I have no real rooting preference in this NBA matchup, but I’m sort of hoping you get to find out.

Niels from Knoxville, TN

SI has a story about the 2015 draft regraded. One sentence from there bears repeating here: Through the lens that the draft is a massive crapshoot, it is remarkable to see how many Ted Thompson picks hang on and have above-average careers.

Glad to know I’m not the only writer who still likes the term crapshoot.

Matthew from Las Vegas, NV

Insiders, if we’re talking about doppelgangers, Lee Corso and Mel Brooks win the prize. I’m still not convinced they are really different people.

That’s a good one.

Al from Green Bay, WI

The Cavs and Warriors are about to meet in the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year. Only once in the history of Super Bowls has there been a rematch (Cowboys/Bills in ’93 and ’94). Is this more an illustration of NFL parity, or of the fact that dynasty-building is easier in the NBA?

Both. It’s also a reflection of the impact one ultra-dominant player can have on the sport, and that impact is greater in basketball than any other game.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Communication and familiarity along the offensive line are of the utmost importance. There are almost infinite combinations of alignment and stunts the defense uses to cause confusion. If the offensive line isn’t on the same page even one time, it can lead to disaster. This cohesiveness takes many, many reps. Plugging in a new player makes what is usually a symbiotic and natural reaction very unnatural. The new addition hasn’t had the reps necessary, so no one is completely comfortable, including Rodgers. I think that makes what the Packers did last year before Rodgers’ injury even more impressive.

I agree. I also believe it’s not a coincidence that Rodgers’ most recent MVP award came when the starting offensive line was intact for all but one game on the entire schedule.

Nazerith from Concord, NC

Is this going to be a hard season?

Why would it be easy?

Ron from Waukesha, WI

So we signed two old veteran tight ends. Why all the hype by you guys? Didn’t we do that last year? How did that work out for us?

The Packers haven’t drafted a tight end since the sixth round in 2015, so I give them credit for trying to improve the position with veterans. No, it didn’t work out last year. So you’d rather see them stop trying? If either of the new acquisitions is a better fit in the locker room than Bennett, the Packers will be better off.

Adam from Waukesha, WI

What’s the best NFL stadium that isn’t Lambeau Field? Me and my buddies are trying to go to an away game each year and need to make sure we pick the best ones to go to first. Can’t wait to wear my Adam Timmerman jersey to Washington this year.

Does it say “Adam” on the back?

John from Lakeland, FL

While vacationing in Texas I took a tour of AT&T Stadium. While it’s no Lambeau Field, it is very nice. Which road stadium has been your favorite in your travels with the team?

Aesthetically speaking, probably Seattle and Pittsburgh, but nothing good has ever happened in either place.

Ben from Petal, MS

Are there different things you look for during OTAs vs. training camp, or even each preseason game (what are you looking for in Game 1 of the preseason vs. Games 2, 3, and 4)?

That’s a loaded question, but I’ll try to simplify the answer. About all I look for during OTAs is the athleticism. In camp, I keep an eye on the one-on-ones. Who wins them consistently? In the preseason games, I like to watch how young players respond after they lose a one-on-one. Do they win the next one, or does it snowball the wrong way? That’s always an indicator of who can make it in this league.

Dan from Grand Rapids, MI

Insiders, the last time Rodgers returned from a broken collarbone the Packers had maybe their most balanced team and almost returned to the Super Bowl in 2014. Is it almost necessary for this team to lose Rodgers to be able to look themselves in the mirror and make changes?

I don’t see many similarities between the two situations other than the collarbone. In 2014, the Packers were bringing back the league’s offensive rookie of the year (Lacy) and had a franchise left tackle on the rise (Bakhtiari). They also added four key draft picks in Clinton-Dix, Adams, R. Rodgers and Linsley. This year involves massive change, though what doesn’t change is the need for the draft to produce significant, and relatively instant, impact.

Leon from Manitowoc, WI

Are the OTAs open to the public?

The practices this Thursday and next Monday are, weather permitting.

Jerry from Savannah, GA

What are some not-so-obvious benefits of a head coach hiring former head coaches?

Joe Philbin’s comments when he returned to Green Bay were telling. He said he can be a better assistant coach now, because he knows what the head coach is going through every day, giving him a keener perspective on what the head coach really needs from his top assistants.

Collin from Omaha, NE

I was reading your article about Matthews and my heart sank a little bit when I read that games don’t start for 3½  more months. A question I haven’t heard a lot is how Clay Matthews fits into Pettine’s defense? Granted there’s always room for a player like Matthews, but is he just a guy you tell to run at the QB or does scheme actually matter?

Players with Matthews’ abilities can fit any defense. It’s how the coordinator decides to use him. That’s what we’re all waiting to find out with Matthews.

Dave from Catonsville, MD

What is the second-most dangerous play in the game? Now that the league has addressed the kickoff, it won’t be long until they fundamentally change that play, too. How many years do you believe it will be until the game is unrecognizable to our generation of fans?

It could still be a while yet, but I give Vic credit for mentioning long before anyone else did that the game may eventually outlaw all three- and four-point stances and require every player to be standing up. If the lowering-the-helmet rule, which apparently does apply to linemen, doesn’t produce the desired results, the two-point-stance game might creep a little closer.

Adam from Jackson, WI

If Pete Carroll has Mike Alstott does he still throw it?

I love me some Alstott, too, but c’mon now. He had Beast Mode.

Matt from Los Angeles, CA

Last year, the Packers were 31st in opposing team’s quarterback rating. Yikes! My one wish from Santa this year is for that to improve.

It had better improve long before Christmas, and I believe it will. Have a good day, everyone.


Ups and downs of rookie season all part of process for Josh Jone Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 s

Former second-round pick concentrating on safety in Year 2

GREEN BAY – Josh Jones was ready for anything as a rookie. An eager second-round pick out of North Carolina State, Jones devoured every opportunity thrown his way last summer.

Safety, inside linebacker or slot cornerback. It didn’t matter. Jones wanted on the field. Through a chorus of injuries in the secondary, that’s exactly what Jones got en route to playing 730 snaps, the third most on Green Bay’s defense.

And each one taught the 23-year-old rookie a lesson or two about life in the NFL.

“I started the year off pretty strong, but then, as the year went on, it’s like, I go from playing 12 games in college to playing 20 in the NFL. It just wore on me,” Jones said. “I wasn’t all there mentally. Now, I’ve got my routine down pat. I know what to expect and I’m going to be ready for it.”

Jones speaks honestly when looking back on his rookie year. He experienced highs – a 12-tackle, two-sack performance against Cincinnati and game-clinching overtime i Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey nterception against Cleveland – and his share of lows like most rookies do during their first 16 NFL regular-season games.

This offseason has been about taking that wealth of experience and using it to bring his game to the next level in Year 2. The opportunity is there for Jones to assume an increased role on defense following the departure of veteran safety Morgan Burnett in free agency.

After frequently moving Jones around as a rookie, the Packers have made it a point this offseason to let him concentrate on the safety position, where he established himself as one of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s biggest playmakers from 2014-16.

“He has a unique set of skills and played a lot of different positions. I think that was reflected in some of his performance,” Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. “Really this year, the ability to focus in on one or two positions, you’ll see him more comfortable and flying around and not thinking as much. I think he’s definit Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ely on pace for that.”

Jones doesn’t blame the Packers for plugging him in at multiple spots last year. It’s a matchup game and having a 6-foot-2, 220-pound safety who runs in the low-4.4s is an intriguing chess piece for any defensive coordinator.

Jones already can feel a difference in focusing his attention on a single position. Having pass-game coordinator Joe Whitt lead the entire secondary also has helped weave the cornerbacks and safeties together on the back end of Mike Pettine’s defense.

After watching teammates such as Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez make leaps in their second NFL season, Jones wants to be the next Packers draft pick to follow suit.

“We always talk about the Year 2 jump. That’s what I want to make,” Jones said. “I want to make those strides. I wasn’t a fan of what I did last year, what I put on tape, and I’m not going to sit and try to hide from it or sugarcoat it or make up excuses.

“I just didn’t play well. We all know that. It’s all about b Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey eing a better football player, which I know I’m capable of and God blessed me with the ability to do.”

Despite Burnett’s exit, there is serious competition at the safety position, with Jones, Kentrell Brice, Marwin Evans and Jermaine Whitehead all vying to start opposite All-Pro Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

A student of the game, Jones knows of countless NFL safeties who became Pro Bowlers after being thrown in the fire as rookies. He remains as eager as ever to prove what he can do and a little wiser, too, thanks to an eye-opening rookie NFL season in which he recorded 71 tackles, two sacks and a pick.

“You’ve got to take the good, you’ve got to take the bad. You learn from it all,” Jones said. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you come out of the womb, you don’t start walking. You take steps.

“It’s a process. You’ve just got to trust it. You’re going to make mistakes – that’s the game of football. You can’t beat yourself up about it.”

Five thing Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 s to know about Byron Bell

Veteran offensive lineman has started at both guard and tackle

GREEN BAY – The Packers have added a versatile veteran to their offensive line with the signing of Byron Bell, the team announced Wednesday.

Bell, 29, has played for three teams (Carolina, Tennessee and Dallas) during his first seven NFL seasons and started 74 of the 90 regular-season games in which he’s played.

The 6-foot-5, 320-pound offensive lineman saw action in 12 games for the Cowboys this past year and made two spot starts at left tackle for Tyron Smith.

Here are five things to know about the Packers’ new addition:

1. Bell is an undrafted success story

Bell started 36 of the 37 games he played at New Mexico from (2007-10), including 24 starts at left tackle during his final two seasons. Yet, he went undrafted during a 2011 N Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey FL Draft that saw 40 offensive linemen get selected. Bell signed with the Panthers as a college free agent. He not only made Carolina’s 53-man roster, but also started 12 of 16 games at right tackle as a rookie.

2. He’s no stranger to overcoming adversity

Bell lost his 8-year-old adopted brother during a house fire caused by an electric problem at his family home near the end of Bell’s freshman season at New Mexico. He considered transferring to be closer to home in Greenville, Texas, but opted to stay in Albuquerque and dedicate his football career to his brother’s memory. Bell remains active with the American Fire Cross and its efforts to install free smoke detectors in the Dallas metro area.

3. He has experience at both guard and tackle

Bell started his first three seasons at right tackle for Carolina before switching to left tackle in 2014. He started all 16 games for Tennessee in 2015 after signing with the Titans as an unrestricted free agent, making seven starts at left guard, eight starts at right tackle and one start at left tackle.

4. He made his first career start against Green Bay

Bell’s first NFL start came against the Packers during Week 2 of the 2011 season. He started in place of an injured Jeff Otah, making two spot starts against Green Bay and Atlanta before stepping in permanent Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 ly in Wee Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey k 7 after Otah was placed on injured reserve.

5. Bell visited with the Packers last offseason

After sustaining a season-ending ankle injury during the offseason program in 2016, Bell took a free-agent visit with the Packers in March 2017. He later signed with the Cowboys, seeing action in 12 games last season.

Packers’ defensive line look Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 s to rise to another level

Addition of Muhammad Wilkerson makes a solid unit stronger

GREEN BAY – Had everything remained the same with the Packers’ defensive line from the end of last season until now, the team would have felt pretty  Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey good about the unit.

Mike Daniels made his first Pro Bowl last season, Kenny Clark is a rising star who went on a sack binge as 2017 wound down, Dean Lowry continues to grow into a versatile player capable of lining up anywhere across the defensive front, and Montravius Adams would be getting a chance to show why the Packers drafted him in the third round a year ago, after injuries derailed his rookie season.

Then Muhammad Wilkerson walked in the door.

“We can be dominant, man,” Clark said after a recent OTA practice. “We can be dominant. We’ve just got to put in the work and play ball like we know how. A lot of us, we’ve played at a high level.”

That certainly includes Wilkerson, the Jets’ 2011 Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey  first-round draft pick who made the Pro Bowl as recently as 2015, when he posted double-digit sacks for the second time in his career. He had a personal-best 12 that season.

His numbers fell off the last two years and led to his release from a big-money deal with the Jets, so he signed with Green Bay as a free agent motivated to revive his career.

Coming to the Packers also reunites him with the defensive coordinator from his New York days, Mike Pettine, who has taken over Green Bay’s defense.

Wilkerson downplayed his rol Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey e in helping his fellow D-linemen learn Pettine’s scheme, pointing out he has some new terminology to get down himself. But his knowledge does provide assistance, particularly with some of the smaller details that aren’t necessarily spelled out in the playbook.

“We lean on him a lot,” Clark said. “He remembered most of the calls that Coach Mike was calling. Our stunts and things like that, he basically gave the rundown of how he wants it done and the angle and all that type of stuff. Coach Jerry (Montgomery) and Mo have been helping us out with that a lot.”

As for the secret to Pettine’s defense, which has a strong track record, Wilkerson keeps it simple.

“He probably has a better answer for you,” he said. “But it’s all about 11 guys making plays, knowing their job and just doing their assignment.”

Wilkerson’s understated ways are in contrast to the other New Jersey native on the unit. Daniels, drafted one year later in 2012, is as loud as Wilkerson is quiet, making the veterans a curious pairing. As a side note, Wilkerson was a college teammate of Daniels’ brother, Sean, at Temple.

But different personalities line up alongside one another all the time, and Wilkerson appears to have no reservations about how he’ll fit in.

“Amongst each other, we’re brothers and we want to compete, but at the same time, come game day, it’s us against our opponents,” he said. “We’re always going to push each other to be the best out there.”

With the Packers potentially counting on multiple rookies and second-year defensive backs to play significant roles, and with a young, unproven edge-rush rotation behind Clay Matthews and Nick Perry, the line is shaping up as the foundation of the defense.

The interior pass rush it can provide could be a huge key to improving Green Bay’s 28th-ranked third-down defense from a year ago.

Daniels has recorded at least four sacks each of the last five years. Clark’s 4½ sacks last season came in a span of just five games, and he felt “there’s some stuff that I left out there.” Wilkerson tops the group by a longshot with 44½ career sacks.

As much as his fellow linemen are leaning on Wilkerson to absorb Pettine’s scheme, the entire defense will be leaning on the group up front to set the tone for 2018.

“Now, it’s putting in the work and getting in tune together,” Clark said. “You’ll see how dominant our defensive line can be.”

A fresh pair of eyes can make a Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 ll the difference

Proven development outweighs venturing into the unknown

Scott from Munford, TN

Not so much a question, but what Justin from Wausau wrote was spot on. Even brought a tear to an old man’s eye. Thank you for keeping all of us updated on what’s happening in Packers land. Keep up the good work.

Absolutely. That heartfelt comment brightened my Monday morning. It definitely gave me a moment to pause and count my blessings thanks to all of those who helped preserve those freedoms. I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day. Let’s get started. Good morning!

Matt from Kula, HI

The Jimmy Graham/Marcedes Lewis TE combination brings to mind Jackson/Chmura. How do you compare these players? Holmgren got great mileage from the two-TE set. In today’s game, do you see the possibility of similar production?

I don’t think Jackson and Chmura are an accurate comparison because all four are such different players. Still, Lewis should make life easier for Graham and Lance Kendricks with his unique skill set. Lewis doesn’t need to have a 500-yard season to do his job. His impact will be felt throughout the offense.

Jeremiah from Denver, CO Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey 

Does the recent GB history of acquiring TEs in FA speak to their preferred plan for the position or simply reflect how recent drafts have unfolded with respect to available TE talent?

It’s like I’ve always said in this space – tight end is one of the trickiest positions to develop in the NFL. Even the best prospects take time. The Packers have some young guys competing behind Graham and Kendricks, but none of them have the skill set or experience of Lewis. The competition is still alive and well. Lewis is just another option to consider.

Elliott from Valparaiso, IN

With one offseason completed under Brian Gutekunst, is it possible the Packers now have the deepest defensive line in football and the deepest tight end group in football?

Ranking depth is such a subjective thing, but where I think Gutekunst differentiated himself this offseason is in showing no trepidation about adding a veteran to an already deep position. If there was a veteran on the market who fit the scheme, Gutekunst was picking up the phone whether that individual signed with Green Bay or not.

Kirk from Burlington, WI

Given Rodgers’ history, the way this offense has operated and how many options he’ll have to work with, I predict Rodgers will be giving his best Oprah impersonation and giving all the Packers TDs. I’m setting the over/under at 10 different players have receiving TDs and taking the over with at least eight players having multiple TDs. Too optimistic or not optimistic enough? Thoughts?

There are several mouths to feed with Davante Adams, Jimmy Graham and Randall Cobb all touting 10-plus touchdown seasons on their resumes, but Rodgers is a generous quarterback. It’s no surprise his two MVP seasons also happened to occur with the Packers’ deepest array of offensive weapons during Mike McCarthy’s time as head coach. If everyone stays healthy, it’s not a reach at all to think Rodgers could easily target 10 different players for touchdowns and eight with at least multiple scores.

Jasper from Potomac, MD

Last year I heard a lot of talk about how Quinten Rollins had looked amazing at OTAs and training camp. He got injured before he could prove anything last year, but I look at him to step up his game this year in Pettine’s D.

Getting Rollins back on the field for the offseason program was a good first step. I wondered whether he’d be ready after tearing that Achilles last October, but there he was during the first public practice of OTAs. Rollins has the talent to compete for a role in this defense, but he also has only played cornerback at a high level for three-plus seasons.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

The upgraded position group I like the most is the RBs. They aren’t rookies anymore.

And no one older than 25. The future is bright.

Roger from Dallas, TX

Do you have any news on what the first impressions of the coaching staff are for seventh-round pick Kendall Donnerson?

I saw Donnerson’s measurables after the draft and wondered if he was big enough to play outside linebacker. Then, I saw him in person at rookie orientation and was convinced he has the frame to play off the edge. He tested through the roof at Southeast Missouri’s pro day. We’ll see how that skill set translates this summer.

Kevin from Greenwood, SC

I still don’t understand why after many losses some player/coach asserts, “We need to get back to fundamentals.” Haven’t these players been practicing “fundamentals” since they first strapped on a helmet? I understand learning a new playbook, but how long does it take an NFL player (or how many millions of dollars) to become a master of fundamentals?

Pro Football Hall of Famers spend a lifetime mastering their craft and never reach perfection. That’s the reality of playing an imperfect game.

Gerbie from Elk Mound, WI

What adjustments are made when replacing an injured offensive lineman? We have been told that the offensive Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey  line benefits the most from consistency. Does adding a new part mean learning to cover up different weaknesses and relying on different strengths, or is it all about communication?

It depends on the player and the position, but communication is so essential to performance of the whole. For example, more was asked of Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang in 2014 when JC Tretter injured his knee near the end of training camp. Yes, Corey Linsley is the player who replaced Tretter at center, but Lang and Sitton helped pick up many of the communication assignments. Offensive lines need to adapt over the course of a season, but there’s no better formula for offensive football than a healthy starting five.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, Clay Matthews indicated “small details” are receiving extra attention in the new defensive scheme. Please define “small details.”

Spoff laid it out fairly well in his story about Matthews posted on Monday morning, but my interpretation was Pettine is emphasizing the areas the Packers felt they needed to improve, defensively. It’s the same thing Dom Capers did in 2009 when he was hired. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. Sometimes areas of improvement can be addressed internally, but sometimes it requires a new approach.

Rolf from Raleigh, NC

Is Clay Matthews undoubtedly the defensive captain for this team? Who else are strong candidates for leadership roles on the defense?

Matthews, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Mike Daniels and Tramon Williams are the leaders on the defense. Blake Martinez is only in his third NFL season, but he certainly has necessary tools to lead as he gains more experience.

Ryan from Santee. CA

Any word how Hundley is doing? In your opinion who is the backup at the moment?

Hundley is doing fine. The Packers don’t make any decisions with their depth chart during the offseason program, so he continues to take the No. 2 snaps.

Roger from Indianapolis, IN

How many military veterans are there now playing as of last year in the NFL? Any added this year?

The first two who come to mind are Pittsburgh offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva (Army) and New England long snapper Joe Cardona (Navy). Villanueva spent four years on active duty and did three tours in Afghanistan.

Niels from Knoxville, TN

A question about the actual field at Lambeau. A recent study in Denmark showed that artificial surface soccer fields lost about five metric tons of rubber granulate per year, which ended up in the surrounding nature and possibly eventually in the sea. What is the situation in Lambeau? Is it made with rubber granules Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey  and is there a loss to the surroundings that will eventually be an environmental problem?

There’s no rubber granulate at Lambeau Field. It’s natural sod with synthetic fiber stitched into the field.

Kevin from Whitehall, WI

Koren Robinson being the last FA WR to join the Packers is a technicality. Yes, he was a WR, and he wore a WR number, but he had only 16 targets and was brought in as a return specialist. That is why they signed him – for special teams, not to make a huge impact at WR. And, he was signed by the Packers after the start of the regular season. Hardly the same comparison to an offseason WR acquisition.

You can debate the definition of a free-agent acquisition, but the point remains the same – the Packers have drafted-and-developed the receiver position as well as any team in the NFL. That’s a good thing, too, considering how few elite receivers ever reach free agency.

Jesse from Cataract, WI

I think we all enjoy the throwback uniforms. With that in mind, why does the league no longer allow teams to use alternating colors for the helmet?

The league began limiting teams from switching helmets in 2013 after The Head, Neck and Spine Committee and Player Safety Advisory Panel determined it was unsafe for players to wear helmets fresh out of the box since they required a breaking-in period. The helmets the Packers wear now are the same as the other 15 games of the season. They just have the ‘G’ and stripe removed.

Alex from Minneapolis, MN

Wes’s answer/plea for help regarding the last receiver signed who didn’t start his career in Green Bay got me thinking about the last one I remember. After some furious googling it clicked, Koren Robinson, a talented but troubled player who didn’t make an impact. Th Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey at same year was Jennings’ rookie season and two years later they grabbed up Jordy. As the title of Saturday’s Inbox stated, I’ll trust the process.

Exactly. Proven development outweighs venturing into the unknown.

Marygail from Portland, OR

How can we get a message to the owners that we (the fans) strongly support the players and their right for free speech? It is very important that the owners support and listen to the concerns of the players. They have the right to kneel, if so desired.

By doing what you’re doing – speaking up in a constructive manner. As I said Saturday, we need more productive conversation and debate – not just on this topic, but in society as a whole. Because understanding where individuals are coming from is the first step to progress. We need answers and empathy – not vitriol. Otherwise, we’re all just spinning our tires.

Nathan from Oconomowoc, WI

Under the new rule, can a player choose to go into the tunnel or locker room after warmups and come back out after the anthem?

Sure, but that’s no different than it’s always been.

Steve from Flagstaff, AZ

Hi Insiders. Gotta strange question. Who would be your favorite NFL doppelganger be? I would have to say Mark Tauscher and Jack Black or Lee Woodall and Evander Holyfield. Any others you can think of?

Easy. Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps. When the man’s wife even agrees, you know it’s a true doppelganger.

Jax from Alexandria, VA

Mike Spofford/Wes Hodkiewicz is in line to be the next writer allowed to vote for MLB H.O.F. candidates annually, but only if they answer this next question correctly: You have one vote left and it either goes to Pete Rose or Alex Rodriguez. Who gets in the Hall?

Rose. Instantly Rose.

Fred from La Crosse, WI

Not to worry about adapting to reality as we look at the future unfolding. No milk for your favorite cereal? How about orange juice? Try it; you’ll like it. The options available make the cereal stronger.

This reminds me of the time Ma Hod and I sat down for breakfast when I was really little – probably like 6 or 7. There was only enough milk for one of us, so mom filled my bowl and used water for hers. You’re the best, mom.

Susan from State College, PA

Is there a rule concerning sideline equipment, specifically the size of the mouthpiece microphone for coaches? They are always covering their faces with clipboards. Why can’t they just have a microphone large enough to cover their mouths?

Because I’m assuming most don’t want to look like ’90s pop singers. Hiding one’s face with a clipboard is so boss.

Ken from Easton, PA

Are all Green Bay Pro Football Hall of Famers’ (not Packers HOF) jerseys retired? If so, it appears Justin McCray needs to find some new digits with Jerry Kramer adding to our greatest Packers.

No. This isn’t Chicago.


They’re unproven, but they’re also u Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 nknown

New kickoff rules could impact final roster decisions

Jake from St. Clair Shores, MI

Football offseason is equivalent to pouring a heaping bowl of your favorite cereal on a Sunday morning, only to find out you have no milk. Can I please have my 2 percent reduced fat milk please?

Hang tight. It’s almost … June.

Jerry from Savannah, GA

Have the Packers truly upgraded their TE position?

Unquestionably. Richard Rodgers was a solid tight end, the most productive and reliable player the Packers have had at the position the past four years. This year, they’ve acquired a more explosive downfield threat than Rodgers (Graham) and a better blocker (Lewis). I call that an upgrade.

Jay from Montreal, Canada

With Marcedes Lewis on the team, how does the roster change for TEs? Is Byrd a possibility for the practice squad or do they cut Kendricks? Also, do we plan to play more two-TE sets?

There’s no need to make roster decisions now. Let’s see how training camp and the preseason play out from here. Schematically, McCarthy has plenty in his bag involving multiple tight ends, but I doubt he’s interested in revealing any thoughts at the moment. Your questions are good ones, for later on.

Ian from Onalaska, WI

The backup offensive linemen had to come together each week last season with the front five constantly changing and try to make it work. I feel like the reason they pulled it off was because they practice against such dominant players like Mike Daniels, Nick Perry, etc.

You don’t discount that factor, certainly. You also don’t discount their ability, the coaching, and the togetherness of their position group.

Peter from Columbus, OH

Hello Insiders, longtime listener, first-time caller. In regards to all the discussion about the personnel and the kickoff changes…Doesn’t this just put a premium on guys who may have been picked up late in the draft but have pure unteachable speed? All I’m saying is that those guys who stand out on special teams will still get a shot. They just may been have a different build than previous years.

I’m not sure we’re really going to know the implications of the new kickoff rules until we see them in action in the preseason. They could impact final roster decisions.

Troy from Westminster, CO

Koren Robinson? If we’re guessing, the point is made.

Sounds right to me. Several readers got it, but more swung and missed with Beebe, Rison, Glenn and others.

Drew from Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Maybe this was discussed at the time. Trading an underperforming secondary player to former Packers personell evaluators for a turnover-prone young player: Randall for Kizer or Vinson for Green? Could this be a repeat of history?

I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. No offense to him, but I hope we never actually find out in Green Bay how good Kizer might be.

Mark from Amarillo, TX

I somewhat disagree about onside kicks being more difficult for the kicking team. With so many on the receiving team required to be closer to the ball, I think well-placed pooch kicks are to the kicking team’s advantage.

I still don’t see it with the kicking team no longer getting a running start. I think it shifts all the advantage on onside attempts to the receiving team.

Chad from La Crosse, WI

If Aaron Rodgers takes a knee, does that count against his rushing stats? Also, if he takes a knee on third down, does that count against the Packers’ third-down conversion rate?

Yes, and yes.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Is Larry allowed to do “Three Things” without you because it’s Memorial Day weekend?

He got tired of all the multiple takes we required.

Daniel from Manitowoc, WI

Why is there not more buzz surrounding Geronimo Allison this offseason? I thought he performed above everybody’s expectations last season. He may not be the biggest, fastest, or strongest, but he can see the field and he keeps his head clear in big moments (a la the catch-and-run to put the Packers in field-goal range in OT vs. the Bengals). The fumble against Carolina hurts, but I truly think that the WR3 job is his to lose, not an open competition.

I think Allison definitely has the edge on everyone for now, but I’m not ruling out one of the rookie draft picks rising up and seriously challenging him for the gig. Yes, they’re unproven, but they’re also unknown.

Joe from Moline, IL

The anthem protests put the NFL in a lose-lose situation. Do nothing and lose fans who feel disrepected. Mandate standing for the anthem and infringe on freedom of speech. Remove the anthem from games and lose your soul. What did people want the NFL to do? They were set up to offend someone.

Pretty much.

Gene from Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys, eventually the standing-not standing national anthem issue will get down to economics. Isn’t the CBA players’ share of the revenue based on gross revenues? When the gross revenues continue to decline and the players’ share declines and their compensation declines the stand-no stand issue will be resolved. They all better hope those revenues can be recovered or the “golden age” will be over and the players can only blame themselves.

The revenues will only change to the degree you’re suggesting if the next round of TV contracts drop in value. Given what FOX just shelled out for Thursday Night Football, I don’t think a decline is likely. We’ll find out this year if the ratings dip last season was an anomaly or a trend. I’m going to guess the former.

Richard from Madison, WI

If you label me as an “angry segment of the NFL fan base,” why should I respect your observations?

I wasn’t being judgmental. If you’d read as many emails as I did throughout the controversy, you wouldn’t question it. I stand by my depiction as accurate. There’s plenty of anger coming from the other side now, too. Joe from Moline, IL, couldn’t be more right.

Daniel from Oxnard, CA

I really enjoy the coaches’ press conferences. How come Mike Pettine has yet to give an OTA interview? With so much emphasis on the Pack’s new defensive approach, it seems odd that the D-coordinator hasn’t spoken.

The first media day during OTAs had only the offensive assistant coaches available. We’ll hear from Pettine and all the defensive assistants on Thursday.

Nick from Chicago, IL

Just watched Marcedes’ top 10 plays: that back pylon will be A-Rod’s best friend.

Rodgers will have several options for the route. Lewis, Graham, Adams, Allison, and any of those 6-3 or taller rookie receivers are legitimate possibilities for the corner end zone fade.

Collin from Omaha, NE

Having not seen the figures yet, I love the Marcedes Lewis signing. A lot of what I am reading focuses on his run-blocking ability so, in your opinion, does this move help the pass game or the run game more?

It helps the run game more, and a better run game should help the pass game.

Jake from Oxford, WI

Of all the random questions answered (that aren’t just looking for your opinion), what percentage would you say you have to research to find the answer? Does the Inbox challenge you at all in this regard or do you just know all these cap and roster questions off the top of your head?

I can’t speak for Wes, but some I know, some I have to look up. I couldn’t put a percentage on it. If I’m curious enough to look it up, there’s a good chance I’ll post it.

Kyle from Santa Cruz, CA

The NFL salary cap system is, in my opinion, the best salary system in all of sports. It’s an effective balance of league-wide equity while still allowing teams that are savvy enough the ability to keep superstars employed with their organization. Is there an underlying fault in the system? If you could change an aspect of the cap system, what would it be?

The only thing I might change, which has been broached elsewhere before, is moving back the league trading deadline. It’s after Week 8 now, and even though we saw more action last year around the deadline than in recent memory, I think if it were pushed back another two weeks or so, it would allow teams an even better opportunity to find a replacement for a key midseason injury.

Monty from Hazen, ND

Out of curiosity, with all the talk of being a top 10 defense next year, I wanted to see what that would take. To move into the top 10, we would have to reduce yards per game by about 30. To get into the top five, we would need to reduce yards per game by about 42. In my mind, that can be accomplished by reducing the communication errors we had last year. What do you think needs to happen to move into the top 10?

The Packers’ biggest failures last year were on third down and in the red zone. Improve in those two areas and the other stats will come along with them. Get into the top half of the league on both third down and in the red zone, and I would venture the top 10 overall (in either yards or points, or both) will be within reach.

Shane from Bel Air, MD

I feel the late trip to play the Jets could be an underdog for most fun game of the year, for Green Bay at least. Possibly Rodgers vs. Darnold? Plus Wilkerson back against his old team, all during the holiday season. Can’t  Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey beat it. So which games are people most Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  looking forward to this year so far?

When I peruse the 2018 schedule, there are less than a handful of matchups I don’t immediately think of a significant storyline heading into it. We’re going to have plenty to talk about. Not that we wouldn’t regardless, but you get my drift.

Shilo from Murrieta, CA

Spoff, about two questions down from your “James Jones hoodie” question on Friday, you had an embedded video with a thumbnail of JOSH Jones, sporting a hoodie in practice. Are you putting Easter eggs in the Inbox? God bless!

That’s our intern, Kim. She’s pretty good, and we’re blessed we get to keep her for a second season.

Justin from Wausau, WI

Being Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to add a sidebar to the anthem discussion. While this country is far from perfect, no nation in the history of mankind has done more to promote freedom, liberty, equality, and prosperity. And that is all possible thanks solely to the men and women who fight and die in the service of the flag and the Republic for which it stands. No matter your opinion on the NFL’s anthem rule, everyone should take a few minutes this w Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey eekend, put down the grill tongs and cornhole bags, and appreciate the blessings our fallen service members gave their lives to bestow upon us. Whether you kneel or stand, you have a soldier to thank for your right to do so.

I appreciate the reminder to pause. Enjoy the holiday, everyone.


D Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 avante Adams ranked No. 45 on NFL’s ‘Top 100’

Packers receiver makes his first appearance on the annual list

GREEN BAY – Packers receiver Davante Adams made his first appearance on the NFL Network’s “Top 100” list, coming in at No. 4 Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey 5.

Adams made his first Pro Bowl in 2017 with 74 receptions for 885 yards an Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey d 10 touchdowns, his second consecutive season with double-di Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey git TDs.

He now has 22 touchdown catches over the last two seasons, tops in the league during the 2016-17 campaigns. He became the fifth Green Bay receiver to record double-digit TDs in consecutive seasons in team history.

Adams earned a long-term contract extension at the end of last season, his fourth in the league after being a second-round pick for Green Bay in 2014.

Adams is the fifth Packers player in the “Top 100 Players of 2018.” He joins tight end Jimmy Graham at No. 89, left tackle David Bakhtiari at No. 91, defensive tackle Mike Daniels at No. 93, and safety Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey a Ha Clinton-Dix at No. 100.

Bakhtiari also made his first appearance on the list this season.

Clay Matthews sees unpredictability in Packers’ Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 new defense

Veteran pass rusher sensing renewed energy, small-detail focus

GREEN BAY – For all the talk about Mike Pettine’s defense being “likeable and learnable,” there’s another trait of the Packers’ new defensive coordinator that’s been mentioned more than once.


“What he’s trying to bring is a mentality, and all the small details are highlighted,” outside linebacker Clay Matthews said during the Packers’ first week of organized team activities (OTAs). “There’s just a lot that goes into meetings you can take away.”

Not that Pettine’s predecessor, Dom Capers, didn’t pay attention to detail. No one could coach at the highest level as long as Capers without that characteristic.

But every coordinator has a different approach, and the fact that multiple players are noticing Pettine’s focus on the finer points speaks to the level of buy-in from the get-go.

Perhaps that means the little things themselves are new, to some degree, to even the most seasoned pros like Matthews, which seems to be creating an eagerness to get everything implemented and see the defense in action.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” said Matthews, who is currently sitting out the on-field work following an offseason procedure on his knee. “We’ve got a lot of moving pieces, a lot of young guys.

“With the amount of turnover we had, I think people feel kind of a sense of renewed energy, ready for something new and ready to hold our end of the bargain, finally.”

That’s a sentiment expressed many times since the Packers’ Super Bowl title at the beginning of the decade. Mike McCarthy rephrased it with his “defense must be better than the offense” line from earlier this offseason.

No one will know whether the Packers can accomplish that under Pettine until the games start 3½ months from now, but the work is ongoing.

Matthews mentioned counting on young players, and g Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey etting them up to speed will be paramount. While the veterans have been making their way through Pettine’s playbook since mid-April, the rookies are just getting started, and players like cornerbacks Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson (the Packers’ top two draft picks) could be counted on to play a lot right away.

He also called on the edge rushers behind him and Nick Perry Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey  – a group that includes Reggie Gilbert, Kyler Fackrell, Vince Biegel, Chris Odom and rookie seventh-round pick Kendall Donnerson – to step forward and provide the rotational strength the position group will need over the long haul of a 16-game season.

Neither of those progressions will happen overnight, but both are necessary given how the roster currently stands and with how it sounds like Pettine wants to play defense.

Matthews used the terms “aggressive” and “disruptive” to describe the new scheme, but there’s more to it.

“I think we’re going to bring a multitude of pressures and move guys around,” he said. “It’s just a defense that hopefully gives offensive coordinators problems because they don’t know what to expect, and gives quarterbacks different looks that they’re not expecting at certain times.”

So, add unpredictable to the list of adjectives, another way to keep things fresh for veterans like Matthews.

“Hopefully we can keep pace with the offense that we’ve had here for so many years, and be a top-tier defense,” he said. “I’d like to think we have the guys and the coaching staff.”

Success hasn’t chang Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey ed Justin McCray’s mindset

Second-year offensive lineman keeping longshot mentality

GREEN BAY – Justin McCray need only gaze across the Packers’ main locker room to see how far he’s come over the last 12 months.

The second-year offensive lineman began 2017 working as a bellman at an Orlando hotel with his twin brother, Jordan, before the two talked coaches at their alma mater, Central Florida, into allowing them to participate in the school’s pro day.

Justin caught the eye of Packers scouts during the workout and signed a one-year contract with a single guarantee – the chance to compete for a roster spot with a slew of other longshots out of the auxiliary wing of Green Bay’s locker room.

McCray not only beat the odds to earn a pl Tomas Plekanec Jersey ace on the Packers’ 53-man roster coming out of training camp, but also gained the trust of his coaches and teammates with eight productive starts when injuries mounted on the offensive line.

He’s still not patting himself on the back or reading anything into taking starter reps at right guard during the first public practice of organized team activities this past Tuesday. In McCray’s mind, he’s the same street free agent he was last year when he was grinding to keep his NFL dream alive.

“Last year is last year,” McCray said. “I’m not going to live in the past. This is a whole new year. I’m looking to do a lot more good things and less bad things this year. I try not to think about last year too much.”

Head Coach Mike McCarthy and run-game coordinator/offensive line coach James Campen have praised McCray’s lunch-pail mindset, especially in relation to his offseason training.

McCray, working out in Green Bay, Orlando and back in his homet Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey own of Miami, did his typical weight-training routine, but also placed a heavier emphasis on his conditioning the last three months.

The changes were obvious when McCray returned for the start of the Packers’ offseason program on April 16.

“The kid just keeps impressing you,” Campen said. “The guy came back, he’s lived here and changed his diet. He’s been totally engaged with what Coach (Mark) Lovat and the strength staff have done in that room.

“I’ll never give a player’s numbers or weights or body fats and those things … but the things he has done and displayed this offseason speaks volumes to where he wants to go. I think you just saw he tip of what Justin will be.”

While the mentality hasn’t changed, there have been some noticeable differences for McCray this spring. Unlike last summer when he repped practically every position on the line, the 6-foot-3, 317-pound offensive lineman has concentrated on the right guard position.

It’s a natural home base for McCray, who started three seasons at right guard for UCF. Yet, he only took a single snap at the position last season due to a litany of injuries at tackle and Jahri Evans’ steady presence at right guard.

The return of Jason Spriggs and Kyle Murphy from knee injuries this offseason has freed the Packers to take a closer look at McCray among other interior linemen at right guard.

The Packers drafted Washington State’s Cole Madison in the fifth round last month, but otherwise they’re leaning on McCray and a host of returning reserves to step up to the plate.

“It’s a competition. There’s a lot of good guys in here, a lot of guys who can play guard,” McCray said. “Right now they’re giving me the opportunity to compete for Tomas Plekanec Winter Classic Jersey  a job. I’m thankful for it. I’m going to keep working hard and win the job.”

McCray is the first to admit the 595 snaps he took last season provided a huge jolt of confidence for a former undrafted offensive linemen who was out of the NFL for two full seasons after being released by the Tennessee Titans in August 2015.

Today, looking toward the Packers’ auxiliary locker room remains a massive source of motivation for McCray. He’s come a long way over the last year, but he also understands what must be done to stay on his ascent.

“I was definitely in the hole last year,” said McCray, referencing where he started last summer in the auxiliary locker room. “The scenery is a lot better this year.”