Packers launch Packers vs. Cancer initiative this October

Organization to team up with Bellin Health for cancer awareness game and raise funds in October for Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation

Each October, the Green Bay Packers and the NFL have customarily teamed up to raise awareness for breast cancer and to recognize breast cancer survivors. This year, the Darwin Barney Jersey NFL and all 32 teams will be working together to raise awareness for various kinds of cancers, including breast cancer.

With these enhanced cancer awareness efforts in mind, the Packers are launching Custom Blue Jays Jersey Packers Vs. Cancer, an initiative aimed at raising awareness Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey of all cancers.

“Cancer touches the lives of so many families and individuals in our community and we’ve heard from a lot of people over the years who have battled cancer themselves,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “We’re proud to show our support by working with Bellin Health and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds for all cancers during the month of October.”

Joining the effort is the Packers’ official health care partner, Bellin Health, which
Aaron Sanchez Jersey will sponsor the Oct. 22 Packers-Saints game at Lambeau Field. The Packers and Bellin Health will recognize cancer survivors on the field during the pregame Ambassador Line, the national anthem and halftime activities. Game attendees can also show their support with the game giveaway banner, which will have a place for fans to write the name of someone they know who has been affected by cancer.

“Day in and day out, our team of cancer care professionals witnesses the devastation this disease can cause for patients and their loved ones,” said George Kerwin, president and CEO of Bellin Health. “And yet we’ve also seen the incredible power of increased awareness in higher screening rates and a better understanding of steps we can take Aaron Loup Jersey to reduce the prevalence of cancer-causing risk factors and behaviors. We are proud to team with the Packers and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation for this incredibly important initiative.”

The initiative, which will run throughout the month of October, also will feature a variety of fundraising efforts, including the sale of a cancer awareness hat
Dalton Pompey Jersey available for purchase at the Packers Pro Shop starting Oct. 10, with $5 from each hat sale going directly to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation.

Named for the legendary Packers coach, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation is dedicated to winning the battle against cancer by funding advancements in cancer research and compassionate care.

“We’re beyond grateful for this amazing partnership with the Green Bay Packers organization and Bellin Health,” said Ben Haas, Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation President Elect. “Vince Lombardi said that ‘people who work together will win’ and together, through Packers Vs. Cancer, we will be one step closer to winning the battle against cancer.”

More details about the campaign will be announced soon, including details of how fans and supporters can participate through a “text-to-donate” effort. Additionally, campaign spokesperson, Packers kicker Mason Crosby, will take part in a public service announcement and several Packers players will visit cancer patients in the hospital as a part of the initiative throughout the season.

For more information, visit in the coming weeks.


Go out there and let it fly in the Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 23 Dalton Pompey Toronto Blue Jays Home White Baseball Jersey preseason

There’s nothing wrong with a long drive

Ethan from La Crosse, WI

Is the question from Harold at the end of yesterday’s column the most bizarre one you’ve ever gotten? I imagine not. Did he want to know if you guys specifically ever thought of doing that, or just the Packers in general? He seemed so honest and genuine in his question, I’m not sure there was any sarcasm there. I’m worried about the readers of this column, more so than I ever have been.

That question left me speechless. So speechless.

Nathan from San Diego, CA

I’m selling these fine leather concave stadium covers. On special today is our deluxe airship and tie-downs package.

There are a lot of technological advancements I hope to see before my time on earth is over. A concaved airship (rigid version) in the shape of Lambeau Field rather than a field tarp isn’t one of them.

John from Crivitz, WI

Love the column guys, great way for those of us in other media markets to stay in touch with the team. Could Brett Hundley be someone’s No. 1 today?

With one more year in this offense, I think Hundley will have what it takes to be a starter. You look at the NFL and how many teams are struggling to find a franchise quarterback. I think we’re all starting to see why his stock was so high after his sophomore year at UCLA. Hundley has all the tools and they continue to be refined in Green Bay.

Jeff from Kenosha, WI

Can you give us some insight into the competition between Aaron Jones and Devante Mays? Who do you like and why?

I like both, but for different reasons. Jones has shown such Custom Blue Jays Jersey terrific burst between the tackles. He’s an explosive runner. Mays packs a punch with his style and showed good lateral quickness on that 5-yard catch against the Eagles.

Steve from Beaver Dam, WI

I can understand the Packers’ decision not to sign Brett Goode right away and give a younger guy a chance to take the long-snapper job. But, I am curious why he is always available when they decide they need him on the roster. Are veteran long snappers just not in demand?

Specialists are a rare breed. For the most part, they tend to stay put. Once teams have a kicker, punter and long snapper they’re comfortable with, they tend to stand by those guys. As Spoff said, I think the Packers were looking to find the next Goode. Now, they have the original in camp, too. May the best man win.

Marc from San Antonio, TX

Certainly a shame about Don Barclay’s injury given his versatility, veteran leadership, and strong offseason. What have you seen from our other options at backup center (Patrick, Amichia)? Is it time to bring back Garth Gerhart again?

Even when Barclay was taking No. 2 reps at center, the Packers did a lot of cross-training with Lucas Patrick, Kofi Amichia and Justin McCray at center. Depending on how long Barclay is out – Mike McCarthy didn’t have any timetables – it’s going to be a big opportunity for one of these young offensive linemen to prove themselves.

Braden from Brookfield, WI

How do the rookie running backs get a fair look during preseason games? Ty runs with the No. 1s, then slowly the offensive line starters are taken out until it’s backups and practice-squad guys playing. How does the say No. 4 or 5 running back get a fair chance to show his skills if he doesn’t get to run behind a line that’s in sync and blocking correctly?

Go out there and let it fly in the preseason regardless of position. Look at what Hundley did leading the two-minute offense during Family Night despite working with several rookies with limited experience. The same rules apply for running backs – you make plays when they’re presented and make something happen when they aren’t. That’s how you distinguish yourself.

Ted from Crystal Falls, MI

Is it just me or was our defense really fast? They also looked quick and hard-hitting. I enjoyed that quality.

I like the sideline-to-sideline speed and multiplicity of this defense. Youth and athleticism are the way NFL defenses are going. The Packers have both.    

Derek from Los Gatos, CA

Haven’t heard a ton about them, but I really like Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez as our inside linebackers. I bet one of them leads the team in tackles this year. What say you?

Ryan is steady as they come. He’s the guy on early downs. I also liked what I saw from Martinez against the Eagles. His forced fumble was exactly how the coaches teach it. The Packers have an abundance of options at inside linebacker.

Tim from Menomonie, WI

For the first time, I viewed the leading with the crown of the head as cowardly. In football, the cornerback is hardly ever in a position to be hit themselves. In other sports such as hockey, it is more equal as the players switch back from offense to defense constantly. It just doesn’t seem right.

It’s the fastest game on the planet and I know things happen – just be smart. While you’re correct that cornerbacks are less likely to be hit, they’re also vulnerable when they lead with the head and crown of the helmet into another player.

Nick from Chicago, IL

I don’t understand so maybe you guys can help. There is a lot of competition around WR. So much that the entire first game was who can throw and catch the ball. With trying to find out who’s the next set of WRs and QBs, how will MM find time to test the RB committee? Will he dedicate a whole game or at least a couple quarters per game to see what those guys are made of?

The opportunities are coming. The Packers want to get a look at the three rookie draft picks. There are limitations with five rookies vying for snaps, but games are where you get the best indication of what a back can do. I’d imagine you’ll see the snaps take a jump in Washington.

Ryan from Franklin, WI

I just watched the interview from Jamaal Williams after the game on Thursday. The guy seems to thoroughly enjoy contact and really like the game of football. I think he will be around here for a while.

I love Williams’ running style. Although it’s a small sample size, you can see what the Packers like about him. Williams reminds me a little of James Starks, but he seems to run lower. I look forward to seeing more of him.

Matt from Greensboro, NC

You’re Ted Thompson and a team with a top-10 draft pick offers their entire draft for Rodgers. Is it a flat-out, instant “no,” or do you do due diligence and study the possibilities before responding?

No. We did an exercise at the Press-Gazette where we explored whether trading Rodgers would be worth 30 first-round picks. The answer is no. There is only one Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are lucky enough to have him.

Sean from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I know it’s the preseason, but what is with Justin Vogel wearing Paul Hornung’s No. 5?

That’s not uncommon for the preseason. If Vogel wins the job, I’ll be interested to see if he still wears it during the regular season. The Packers adjust a number here or there almost every year going into the regular season.

Adam from Racine, WI

What do you think about SEC players like Leonard Fournette calling the NFL easy? Is this just a product of being in a competitive division, or has the NFL become that soft with player-safety emphasis and the CBA reducing practices? Do you think he will be in for a rude awakening when the season starts?

I’m not a big fan of it. If Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers wants to go that route – I doubt they ever would – there’s at least some equity built there. They would know given their experience and performance. I think rookies have to be careful with their words Darwin Barney Jersey until the games begin.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

Wes, I had a discussion with a friend on the merits of a long, rhythm-and-tone-setting touchdown drive, i.e. 10-12 plays, seven minutes, 80 yards vs. a quick, explosive 4-5 plays, 80 yards, 2-3 minutes. I prefer the long drives for the benefits over the course of a game and a season. He likes the short, explosive ones for how they lift the offense and demoralize the defense. Generally, do you think one is more beneficial than the other in the long run?

There’s nothing wrong with a long drive. It wears down a defense, cools an opposing offense and helps a team control the tempo of a game. Short, explosive series are important since they can demoralize a defense, but those long drives indicate Dalton Pompey Jersey sustained dominance.

Ana from Brasilia, Brasil

It’s one hell of a battle for a spot in the Packers’ wide receivers corps, isn’t it? I say this because although Nelson, Adams and Cobb have my uttermost respect, the guys behind them also seem very capable of answering the call if they have to. Geronimo Allison looked great, Janis had a great play, and Travis Davis with that return? WR coaches are doing something right, I tell you.

I like the approach Luke Getsy has taken with the receivers. Whether it’s catching bricks or doing the “man-hands” drill inches away from the JUGS machine, Getsy has brought fresh ideas and concepts to the room. The proof is there considering how Nelson and Adams bounced back, and Allison developing into a contributor as an undrafted rookie.

Nick from Sturtevant, WI

I was flipping through the photos of the equipment staff setting up the locker room. How many lockers are in the Packers’ locker room? Are there enough lockers for all 90 players? During these training-camp days, does the team utilize the visiting locker room for player overflow?

I believe there are 62 lockers in the main area. The Packers also have an auxiliary locker room to accommodate the players on the 90-man roster. The only time they’ll use the visiting locker room is during rookie orientation to house tryout players.

Ken from Wolcott, CT

I must say watching King play the other night there were many things to be happy about. Yes, a few times the receiver he had got free a little bit, but the thing that made me happy was how he attacked the player. I saw many nice open-field tackles. That is very hard to teach. Covering will come along with time. I feel the hardest think to teach is hitting a man in the open. Do you agree?

Welcome back, Ken. I’m glad you’re starting to see the glass half full. There are questions the cornerbacks must answer in 2017, but it would be foolish to think they don’t have their best days ahead of them considering how young they are. I was very impressed by King’s physicality against the Eagles. He showed good fundamentals in open space.

Keo from Mililani, HI

The way I see it, punters get robbed of extra yardage (between point of kick and
Aaron Sanchez Jersey line of scrimmage) and kickers get to count the yards from point of kick. Why not punters?

Punters are measured against punters. Kickers are measured against kickers. As long as specialists are measured against their peers, I don’t think it matters.

Chris from Ft. Bragg, NC

Could you please provide some more detail on the cap exemption for league-minimum veterans Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey?

It’s a provision written into the most recent collective bargaining agreement to not price veterans out of the league. In the simplest terms, a veteran player making the league minimum will only count as a second-year player.

Sam from Janesville, WI

How did Eddie Lacy look?

I didn’t see the game. All I know is he carried the ball four times for 10 yards.

Conard from Washington

“The creative adult is the child who survived.” Good one, Wes! My wife is an artist, and that statement is more accurate than most people could ever appreciate. You are wise beyond your years. Just make sure your body does not catch up with your mind anytime soon.

The credit goes to Ursula K. Le Guin, but it’s a phrase I hold close to my heart. I marked out a little when Martellus Bennett referenced it during one of his early interviews with Green Bay media.

Todd from Menominee, MI

Here’s an unlikely scenario for Mason Crosby to do a Lambeau Leap – all he has to do is pull a Chester Marcol. FG attempt gets blocked. Ball somehow falls in Crosby’s hands. And Crosby somehow scampers around the end for the touchdown.

If that were to happen, I don’t think Crosby Aaron Sanchez Jersey has any choice but to do a Leap.

Jeremy from York, UK

Well, Wes, looks like The Snarky Seven are going north of the Wall zombie-hunting. If you were in Jonno’s shoes, which six Packers do you take with you?

Aaron Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Clay Matthews, Morgan Burnett, Dean Lowry and Richard Rodgers.

Jesse from Anaconda, MT

I so loved the edge and consistency in Wes’s (or is it Wes’?) answers on Saturday, so thank you!

Wow. I didn’t even realize it.

NY Packer Fan from Bedford, NY

I’m sure Wes “so” enjoyed writing the Aug. 12 Insiders responses, but truthfully, it was distracting to the point of being unreadable to this longtime reader (back to Vic’s arrival in GB). I’m sure your point was received by the editor from Mt. Kisco, but next time leave the rest of us out of it, if you would. Thanks.




Tackling, ball security are Custom Orioles Jersey Packers’ priorities this week

McCarthy also provides injury updates heading into second preseason game

GREEN BAY — Mike McCarthy has his priorities for what he wants the Packers
Custom Angels Jersey to work on this week heading into their second preseason game.

“We didn’t tackle very well against Philadelphia, we didn’t break tackles against Philadelphia, our run Custom Orioles Jersey offense wasn’t what it needed to be, and our ball security as a whole was unacceptable,” McCarthy said prior to the Packers returning to the practice field on Tuesday.

Regarding ball-security, McCarthy complimented the defense for getting the ball out a number of times, and being in position for more than the four Houston Astros Custom Jersey turnovers the unit generated. But the equation came out nearly even with the offense’s struggles protecting the ball, and that’s not what McCarthy is looking for.

“We need to improve that,” he said of the fundamentals of both tackling and ball Ray Nitschke Jersey security. “You can throw a band-aid on it, and say it’s preseason game one, and around the league you see a lot of that going on, but that’s not how we’ll go about it.”

The Packers have open practices at Ray Nitschke Field scheduled for Tuesday Custom Astros Jersey and Wednesday. Tuesday’s workout will focus on a lot of corrections from the Eagles game because the first practice after the preseason opener, on Sunday, was focused on preparing for Week 1 vs. Seattle.

On the injury front, McCarthy said offensive lineman Don Barclay (ankle), WR Malachi Dupre (concussion Bart Starr Jersey), CB Damarious Randall (concussion) and LB Vince Biegel (foot, PUP) all would not practice this week nor play at Washington on Saturday night. will have more following practice and locker room interviews.


Packers travel to Ray Nitschke Jersey play Redskins in second game of the preseason

It will be the 26th time that Green Bay has played Washington during the preseason

  • The Green Bay Packers will go on the road to play the Washington Redskins in
    Ray Nitschke Jersey their second game of the preseason.
  • It will be the 26th time that Green Bay has played Washington during the preseason, the second most in team history behind only the Packers’ 30 games against the N.Y. Giants.
  • This is the first preseason meeting between the clubs since 1995, when the teams played at Lambeau Field.
  • The Packers are visiting the Redskins in the preseason for the first time
    Custom Angels Jersey since 1978.
  • Green Bay has played at Washington each of the past two seasons. The two met in a 2015 Wild Card playoff, a 35-18 victory by the Packers. In Week 11 last season, the Redskins won, 42-24.
  • With a win over the Philadelphia Eagles last week, the Packers won their preseason opener for the third consecutive year.
  • With games against Philadelphia and Washington, this is the first time since 1985 that Green Bay has faced two teams from the NFC East in the preseason. That year the Packers opened the preseason with road games at Dallas and at the N.Y. Giants.
  • Dating back to 2000, this is just the second time (2013) that Green Bay has faced three NFC teams in the preseason.
  • The Packers will finish up the road slate of the preseason with a trip to
    Custom Orioles Jersey Denver to play the Broncos on Saturday, Aug. 26. It will be Green Bay’s first preseason trip to Denver since 2008, when it won, 27-24.

This is an abbreviated version of the Dope Sheet. Read the full version here (PDF)


  • Preseason games are televised over the 16-station Packers TV Network throughout the state of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, northeastern Minnesota, the Quad Cities, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo in Iowa, Omaha in Nebraska, Fargo in North Dakota, Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau in Alaska.
  • The top-notch broadcast team includes CBS’s Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) alongside fellow CBS broadcaster Rich Gannon (analyst), with Lance Allan of WTMJ-TV serving as the sideline reporter. Allan Bart Starr Jersey will also host an informative half-hour pregame show featuring former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher.
  • In addition to flagship stations WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee and WGBA-TV in Green Bay the game will be televised over WKOW/ABC, Madison, Wis.; WAOW/ABC, Wausau/Rhinelander, Wis.; WXOW/ABC, La Crosse, Wis.; WQOW/ABC, Eau Claire, Wis.; WLUC/NBC, Escanaba/Marquette, Mich.; KQDS-TV/FOX, Duluth/Superior, Minn.; WHBF-TV/CBS, Davenport, Iowa (Quad Cities); KCWI-TV/CW, Des Moines, Iowa; KWWL-TV/NBC, Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa; KMTV-TV/CBS, Omaha, Neb.; KVRR/IND, Fargo, North Dakota; KDLT/NBC, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; KYUR/ABC, Anchorage, Alaska; KATN/ABC, Fairbanks, Alaska amd KJUD/ABC, Juneau, Alaska.
  • Milwaukee’s WTMJ (620 AM), airing Green Bay games since November 1929, heads up the Packers Radio Network that is made up of 50 stations in five states. Wayne Larrivee (play-by-play) and two-time Packers Pro Bowler Larry McCarren (analyst) call the action. McCarren first joined the team’s broadcasts in 1995 and enters his 23rd season calling Packers games. After originally being paired together in 1999, McCarren and Larrivee enter their 19th season of broadcasts together.



  • The Packers currently have an 89-man roster that is composed of 44 offensive players, 41 defensive players and four specialists.
  • Of the 90 players on Green Bay’s roster, 41 of them (45.6 percent) were draft picks of the Packers. Dating back to 2007, Green Bay has at least one member of each draft class still on the roster.
  • Green Bay has 43 players on the roster that began their careers as undrafted free agents, with 36 of those originally signed by Green Bay.
  • Nearly 60 percent of the players (53 of 89, 59.6 percent) on Green Bay’s
    Ray Nitschke Jersey
    roster entered the league as a sixth-round or seventh-round pick or as an undrafted player.
  • The Packers have five players on the roster that played in the NFL prior to the 2009 season. Four of those five players were draft picks of the Packers (QB Aaron Rodgers, K Mason Crosby, WR Jordy Nelson and LB Clay Matthews) and three have made at least one Pro Bowl.
  • Of the 89 players on the roster, 77 began their pro careers with the Packers (86.5 percent).
  • Only 21 of the 90 players on the roster (23.3 percent) were selected in the first three rounds of the draft, with 19 being drafted by the Packerourth year as the Redskins’ 29th head coach
  • Led a Washington team to an 8-7-1 record last season, giving the club consecutive winning seasons for the first time in 20 years. Gruden’s offenses also set franchise records in numerous categories, including net passing yards (4,758) and total net yards (6,545).
  • As Bengals offensive coordinator, coached QB Andy Dalton to a 30-18 record as the Bengals’ starting QB from 2011-13, the fifth-most wins in the NFL over that span.
  • Coached under his brother, Jon, in Tampa Bay, winning Super Bowl XXXVII as an offensive assistant for the Buccaneers.
  • Completed 1,673 of 2,775 passes (60.3 percent) for 21,578 yards and 398 TDs with 99 INTs as a QB in the Arena Football League.



  • The Packers first met the Redskins (then Boston Braves) in 1932, five days after Franklin D. Roosevelt won his first presidential election.
  • The clubs met memorably in the 1936 NFL championship game. That year, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall, upset with his fans’ lack of support, was moving his team to Washington and didn’t want to host the championship in Boston. The NFL moved the game to New York’s Polo Grounds, where Green Bay claimed its fourth title, 21-6.
  • The Packers and Redskins played the highest-scoring game in Monday Night Football history on Oct. 17, 1983, at Lambeau Field, in a game that featured 11 TDs and six FGs in the 48-47 Green Bay win.
  • Despite playing in the same conference, the Packers and Redskins did not play against each other during the 1990s.



Packers president & chief executive officer Mark Murphy played eight seasons (1977-84) with the Redskins, serving as co-captain from 1980-84, playing on the Super Bowl XVII championship team, and earning All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors in 1983…Packers DE Ricky Jean Francois played for Washington in 2015-16…Packers vice president of football administration/player finance Russ Ball spent the 2001 season as director of football administration for the Redskins…Green Bay defensive line coach Mike Trgovac held the same position in Washington from 2000-01…Green Bay secondary-safeties coach Darren Perry was born in Norfolk, Va., and attended high school in Chesapeake, Va. …Washington S Will Blackmon was a fourth-round pick of the Packers in 2006 and played in Green Bay from 2006-09…Packers special teams coordinator Ron Zook coached at Virginia Tech in 1987…Washington assistant head coach/offensive line Bill Callahan coached the same position at Wisconsin from 1990-94…Washington TE Derek Carrier is from Edgerton, Wis., and went to school at Beloit College…Redskins TE Manasseh Garner played for the University of Wisconsin in 2010-11…Packesr G Thomas Evans played at Richmond…Packers LS Derek Hart played at James Madison…Packers RB William Stanback played at Virginia Union…Packers associate head coach/linebackers Winston Moss played for the Los Angeles Raiders with Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan in 1993…Trgovac and Callahan coached in Philadelphia from 1995-97…Washington DL coach Jim Tomsula was Green Bay DT Ricky Jean Francois’ position coach in San Francisco from 2009-12…Packers TEs coach Brian Angelichio and Redskins QBs coach Kevin O’Connell served in the same positions with the Cleveland Browns in 2015…Washington WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. was also on the Browns’ roster in 2015…Washington wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard was coached by Packers special teams coordinator Ron Zook when he played wide receiver at Florida (1994-95)…Redskins G Brandon Scherff was coached at Iowa by Packers offensive perimeter coach David Raih (2011-12) and was teammates with DT Mike Daniels (2011)…Washington WR Brian Quick and Green Bay TE Lance Kendricks played together on the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams offense from 2012-16…Packers RBs coach Ben Sirmans (2012-15) was on the Rams offensive coaching staff for four seasons with Quick…Packers WR Trevor Davis played at California with Washington WR Maurice Harris…Washington LB Trent Murphy played at Stanford with Green Bay LB Blake Martinez (2012-13), RB Ty Montgomery (2011-13) and T Kyle Murphy (2012-13)…Redskins offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh coached at Pittsburgh with Angelichio (2006-08) and assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley (2005)…Cavanaugh and Trgovac are both from Youngstown, Ohio…Green Bay CB Donatello Brown was finishing his career at Valdosta State in 2016 while Washington assistant defensive backs coach James Rowe was the defensive coordinator…Green Bay S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix played at Alabama with Washington G Arie Kouandjio (2011-13), winning national championships in 2011 and 2012…Redskins LB Houston Bates and Packers S Kentrell Brice were Louisiana Tech teammates…Green Bay T Jason Spriggs played at Indiana from Custom Astros Jersey 2012-15 with Washington QB Nate Sudfeld…Packers FB Aaron Ripkowski played with Redskins P Tress Way, DL Stacy McGee and RB Samaje Perine at Oklahoma…Packers C Corey Linsley and Pryor Sr. teamed together on Ohio State’s offense…Green Bay T Robert Leff and S Jermaine Whitehead played with Washington CB Joshua Holsey at Auburn…Packers LB Jake Ryan and FB Joe Kerridge were teammates of Redskins G Kyle Kalis and DL Ondre Pipkins at Michigan…Packers QB Brett Hundley and DT Kenny Clark played with Redskins CB Fabian Moreau at UCLA.

This is an abbreviated version of the Dope Sheet. Read the full version here (PDF)


Dean Lowry is doing what ‘we thought he would do’ in Ray Nitschke Jersey Year 2

Key comments from the Packers’ coordinators and defensive coaches

GREEN BAY – The Packers’ coordinators and defensive position coaches met
Ray Nitschke Jersey with the media on Tuesday afternoon.Men’s Authentic Personalized Houston Astros Flex Base Alternate Orange Jersey.

Here are some of their key comments:

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

On four turnovers against the Eagles:

We ended up with two interceptions. Marwin made a nice interception on the deep ball and the two fumbles on the sideline. Our pursuit and finish was good. We really had three balls on the ground we didn’t get. It couldn’t
Mitchell and Ness 15 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers Authentic Team Color Throwback Jersey 1969 been a big takeaway game for us.

On the outside linebackers:

(Kyler) Fackrell and Jayrone (Elliott) are clearly the next two guys. You’re going to see those guys play a lot through the preseason. We’re going to give them opportunities. They both have the ability to make plays. It’ll be kind of fun to watch them in this next preseason game. They’re both athletic guys. They have the ability where you can drop them or rush them, give you flexibility with the defense.

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett

On Jamaal Williams and rookie backs getting up to speed:

If I go back and look at my experience, it’s learning what to do as far as an assignment standpoint, and then from a fundamental and technique standpoint. Jamaal Williams is getting that down. The more reps he takes, the better. One thing that stands out is his ability to protect the passer. For a young guy to step into the situation … his attitude towards protecting the passer stands out. He’ll continue to be consistent as far as his fundamentals.

On backup options at center:

It gives more guys opportunities to show what they can do. We feel good about those guys Custom Astros Jersey who have opportunity over next few weeks (of the preseason). One thing that shows up is their practice habits. When they get the opportunity on game day, it should show because they do it in practice.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook

On Brett Goode’s return:

(Looks) like he’s been doing it for a long time. He did well. When I put it together, I didn’t pay attention to who’s going to be in there. We’re trying to get as many looks as we can for everybody. He looks good.

On Trevor Davis’ returns:

I think Trevor Custom Orioles Jersey did a nice job. The guy can return it, but punt return and kickoff return, we talked about doing a better job with our blocking. We were on our people and the drills Jason (Simmons) and I are working on are beginning to pay off.

On kickoff returner options:

I think Jeff once again needs to continue to do it. I’d like to give Trevor a look or two. You always have Randall as a backup. He’s done it and he’s done it extremely well.Houston Astros Custom Jersey I’d like to get those young running backs some reps in a game to see what they can do.

Associate head coach/linebackers Winston Moss

On the young outside linebackers:

Going back to the game, I thought Calvin and Gilbert played exceptionally well. They made good decisions and took care of their pass technique. Otherwise, very good start for them as well as Talley and Josh. They took care of their gap control and did some good things in the rush. In Reggie’s case, he had some pressure. I’m very pleased with the young linebackers’ effort so far. Their grind has been exceptional in practice. They’ve taken full advantage so far of their opportunity.

On Vince Biegel being able to jump back in when he’s cleared:

I’d like to say that. He’s that type of guy, but until he’s put in that situation you’re never going to know. We’ll just have to wait and see until the trainers clear him and we get him on the practice field. I’m anxious to see him. He’s been waiting patiently. Getting him in the rookie orientation before he banged his foot up, you could tell this guy is 100 miles an hour. I’m excited to see what he can do when he gets his chance.
Youth Nike Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Elite Team Color Jersey Cheap.

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac

On difference in Dean Lowry:

I think probably 200, 400, whatever he did practice (and) game reps being inside. When we first got him, he was played outside most of the time. He’s very smart. He does a good job of not repeating mistakes and he’s very coachable. I think he’s doing the natural process that we thought he would do. Obviously where we picked him, we thought he was a good football player. Some guys see it fast when they see it live and that probably describes him pretty well.

On Brian Price:

It wasn’t so much extra time. We planned on working him hard and doing that with him anyway. We see a guy we’re trying to develop in there and work. We wanted to get him a good amount of work, as well. He’s been in there a bunch in practice and a bunch in the one game. Balancing between him and Kenny, trying to stay with him on that and have enough reps to get a good evaluation of him.

Safeties coach Darren Perry

On Marwin Evans:

He started out really well and then had a tough night Family Night. What I’ll say is fear is a good motivator. He went out and did some good things Thursday night. Consistency is the big thing, but he certainly has the ability.

On Josh Jones’ first preseason game:

I thought he started out well and then he had some rookie moments. He’s getting better and doing some good things. He has a playstyle we like. He has to keep flying to the ball and hitting people. He has to limit the mistakes. … He just has to stay focused and understand you can’t relax. You really have to be dialed in play-in and play-out.

Cornerback Joe Whitt Jr.

On LaDarius Gunter in the slot:

Gunt is a smart player. Playing the slot, you have to have control of our defense. We ask a lot of the star position and he has those intangibles. He’s a good football player. He moves around (like the rest of the guys). Guys play inside and outside. He’s one of them who can do it.

On the block on Damarious Randall against the Eagles:

No, Damarious did everything he was supposed to do. Just thinking about that play – that’s the type of play we want to get out of this Bart Starr Jersey game. We’re looking to grow the game and I want my son to play, and make this game as safe as possible. That’s the type of play that shouldn’t be in the game. Damarious did everything he’s supposed to do. All the team has been prepped on that play exactly. There was an example of it from the Miami game years ago. It shouldn’t happen. It’s a shame that it happened. That’s the type of play we want to get out of this game so this game can grow and be the great game that it always has been and will continue to be.

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley

On competition at inside linebacker:

I like the way they’ve responded and handled it. We’re trying to keep it in our room to compete with ourselves and keep everybody ready to go in different situations. I’ve been happy with the way they’ve competed and worked.

On Jordan Tripp:

Once again, I still like what Jordan brings to our unit. He’s been around, been through different systems. His communication and awareness are really high. I think those things and his presence to the unit have helped immensely.


Preseason workload not a Customized NY Giants Jersey concern for Aaron Rodgers

Packers QB likes what he’s seen from his backups and young receivers

GREEN BAY – However little he ends up playing this preseason, Aaron Rodgers Customized NY Giants Jersey will be fine with it.

The Packers quarterback sat out last week’s preseason opener and isn’t sure if he’ll be playing at Washington this week. But even if he gets just a
Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey couple of series in the third preseason game – the extent of his August workload from a year ago – Rodgers will have no issues feeling prepared for 2017.

“I felt great. It was nice,” Rodgers said of his minimal preseason snaps last year. “The body felt really good. We do stuff on the side, conditioning-wise, to make sure we’re ready to go, so my conditioning felt great.

“I would assume this year with Denver being the third preseason game (next week), I’ll play for sure in that one, and the altitude with help with the conditioning because it’s tough to play there.”

Rodgers has said in the past he sees “no correlation” between preseason game snaps and finding (or not) any sort of offensive rhythm early in the season.

He gives far more weight to practice reps, when the defense he’s facing will be mimicking a laundry list of the opponent’s schemes. He pointed to last Thursday’s game against Philadelphia as an example Custom Bills Jersey of a plain-Jane defense often run in the preseason, as the Eagles blitzed just twice on roughly 40 drop-backs, the second coming on the game’s final drive.

“That’s not a realistic game plan.Custom Bengals Jersey They played one-high man, a little bit of one-high zone, and some two-high zone,” he said, the numbers referring to safety deployment. “In practice, playing against our defense, it’s multiple looks, fronts, personnel groupings, pressures, coverages. That to me is more what you’re going to see in the game than preseason.

“Preseason to me is all about execution. Can the guys line up, can they do what they’re supposed to do, when they get the ball in their hands, are they making plays out there? The real football part, that’s saved for the practice reps.”

Rodgers felt all three of his backups made some things happen against the Eagles, particularly on extended plays, moving in and out of the pocket. Brett Hundley, Joe Callahan and rookie Taysom Hill combined to produce a 90.3 passer rating (22-of-36, 262 yards, two TD, one INT) and scrambled for 29 yards on the ground.Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

Hundley’s pump fake on a stutter-go to Jeff Janis produced a 20-yard touchdown, Callahan’s “whirlybird” spin move Cincinnati Bengals to escape a sack led to a 34-yard completion to Max McCaffrey, and Hill’s finish featured a 46-yard deep ball to DeAngelo Yancey and a back-shoulder fade to Michael Clark.

“A lot of good film for those guys,” Rodgers said. “They’ve done a nice job the entire camp of progressing and getting better every week.”

As for the crowded depth chart at receiver beyond the group’s top three, Rodgers has seen something from just about everyone.

He did feel bad seeing rookie Malachi Dupre exit after taking a big hit when he was having a solid game, and he gave a shout-out to second-year pro Trevor Davis, who has a catching radius bigger than his 6-1, 188-pound frame would suggest.Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

“I laugh with (QB coach Alex Van Pelt) sometimes, because it’s almost better when you throw him a bad ball,” Rodgers said of Davis. “He’s probably best bad-ball catcher we’ve got. He can catch running full speed with the ball a foot behind him or in front of him.

“He’s done a good job for us working with the first-string offense, especially from a mental standpoint.”

That said, Rodgers stopped short Buffalo Bills of comparing this group’s depth to receiving corps from past years. It’s still early, and the final selections haven’t yet been made.

“We’ll see,” Rodgers said. “There’s a lot of stuff that needs to shake out for us, see what we’ve got.”


Packers defeat Eagles in preseason opener,Customized NY Giants Jersey 24-9

Green Bay’s defense generates four turnovers

GREEN BAY – The Packers had a big second quarter and added one more score Customized NY Giants Jersey late in a 24-9 victory over the Eagles in the preseason opener on Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

Here’s a recap of the four quarters of action.

First quarter:

A sloppy start for the Packers led to an early 6-0 lead for the Eagles after one quarter of the preseason opener on Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

The game began with the Packers going three-and-out, though they lined up to go for it on fourth-and-1 before a false start forced them to punt.

The Eagles picked up a first down on a 6-yard pass to WR Jordan Matthews, but LB Nick Perry followed with an 8-yard sack, and moments later CB Damarious Randall left the game with an injury. He was carted to the locker room, and it was later announced he was being evaluated for a concussion. The Eagles eventually faced fourth-and-2 in Green Bay territory and went for it, converting on another pass to Matthews, for 7 yards and a first down on the 35.

Two run stops pushed the Eagles back 3 yards, but on third-and-13, QB Carson Wentz avoided what looked like a sure sack by LB Clay Matthews and found WR Mack Hollins over the middle. Hollins then broke tackle attempts by CBs Kevin King and Quinten Rollins and scored from 38 yards out. A two-point pass attempt was incomplete, and the Eagles led 6-0 with 6:33 left in the quarter.

Two plays into Green Bay’s next series, RB Ty Montgomery fumbled. Eagles DT Fletcher Cox forced it, and CB Patrick Robinson recovered at the Packers’ 27.

With Matt McGloin in at QB, the Eagles got a first down in the red zone after an 11-yard pass to WR Bryce Treggs. On fourth-and-1 from the 7, the Eagles went for it again, but S Kentrell Brice was the first to contact RB Corey Clement in the backfield, and CB Quinten Rollins and LB Joe Thomas cleaned up to get the stop.

The Packers finally got moving as the quarter ended as QB Brett Hundley found WR Davante Adams for an 18-yard gain and TE Martellus Bennett for a 13-yard gain for a pair of first downs.

Second quarter:

The Packers dominated the second quarter to take a 17-6 halftime lead over the Eagles. Punt-return and passing TDs, plus three turnovers, all helped Green Bay.

The Packers’ promising drive to start the quarter stalled when WR Jeff Janis dropped a third-down pass from Hundley. P Justin Vogel’s Aussie-style punt was muffed by RB Donnel Pumphrey, but he recovered his own fumble at the Philly 9.

The Packers’ defense got a three-and-out, as LB Joe Thomas and DT Ricky Jean Francois stopped Pumphrey on a third-and-3 run. Then on the punt, Packers WR Trevor Davis weaved his way through the middle and was gone for a 68-yard touchdown. K Mason Crosby’s PAT put the Packers ahead, 7-6, with 11:50 left in the half.

Green Bay got the ball right back again, as CB LaDarius Gunter forced a fumble by TE Trey Burton after a reception. Gunter recovered at the Philly 40.

The Packers Customized NY Giants Jersey took advantage. RB Jamaal Williams carried three times for 10 yards, WR Geronimo Allison moved the chains on a 10-yard slant, and Hundley fired a beautiful 20-yard TD pass to Janis between two defenders with 8:25 left in the half. Crosby was good on the conversion again, and the Packers led, 14-6.

Another turnover gave the Packers another great opportunity. Thomas picked off McGloin’s third-down pass intended for Humphrey and returned it 30 yards to the Philly 17.

Eagles DE Derek Barnett sacked Hundley on second down for an 8-yard loss, though, and the Packers had to settle for Crosby’s 39-yard field goal. The kick was good, extending the Packers’ lead to 17-6 with 5:33 left in the half.

Packers S Kentrell Brice left the game with a finger injury, and the defense got another three-and-out. DT Ricky Jean Francois got a tackle for loss in the backfield on a running play, and King laid a big hit on Pumphrey after a short pass.

Barnett sacked Hundley again, though, for a 12-yard loss, and Packers backup C Don Barclay got hurt on the play. He was helped off the field, putting no pressure on his right leg. Lucas Patrick took over at center for Barclay, who was carted to the locker room. It was later announced Barclay had an ankle injury.

A 12-yard completion to WR Max McCaffrey preceded a punt, a 52-yard effort by Vogel that was coupled with an Eagles holding penalty to pin Philly back on its own 7 with 1:53 to go until halftime.

The Eagles got close to scoring range on a 38-yard pass to Treggs, but TE Billy Brown, while getting held up by King, fumbled on a big hit from LB Blake Martinez. DT Christian Ringo recovered for the Packers with 1:04 on the clock.

Green Bay gave it right back, though, as Hundley was intercepted by LB Mychal Kendricks on a pass intended for McCaffrey. An 8-yard pass from McGloin to Treggs put the Eagles on the Green Bay 28, but K Caleb Sturgis hit the right upright from 46 yards out on the final play of the half.

Third quarter:

The Eagles engineered a long drive for a field goal to cut their Custom Bengals Jersey deficit to 17-9 after three quarters against the Packers.

The Eagles began Cincinnati Bengals the second half with the ball and picked up one first down before punting. Davis returned the punt 26 yards, giving the Packers the ball on their own 44, with Joe Callahan taking over at quarterback.

Callahan scrambled for one first down, but on the next third down, he was sacked by CB Aaron Grymes, and Vogel’s punt was downed at the Philly 9.
Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

The Eagles put together a long drive from there. Treggs and Hollins each caught two passes from McGloin for a total of 36 yards, RB Corey Clement carried twice for 9 yards, and WR Greg Ward converted on fourth-and-2 with a 4-yard catch to the Green Bay 39.

McGloin then found Clement on back-to-back throws for 20 and 11 yards, making it first-and-goal on the 8. The Packers’ defense held there, though, and Sturgis was good from 25 yards out to pull the Eagles within 17-9 with 1:13 left in the quarter. The drive covered 19 plays in all.Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

Callahan hit rookie RB Devante Mays for a 5-yard gain to convert on fourth-and-2 on the final play of the quarter.

Fourth quarter:

The Packers got in position for another score as Callahan spun away from a sack and found McCaffrey for a 34-yard gain to the Philly 23. But on the next play, rookie WR Malachi Dupre absorbed a big hit from LB Tre Sullivan and fumbled, with the Eagles recovering.

Dupre was down on the field and being attended to for several minutes before being immobilized and taken off the field on a stretcher. Dupre was moving his arms and gave a thumbs up to the crowd while being wheeled out. It was later announced Dupre had movement and feeling in all his extremities and was taken to a hospital for further evaluation.Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

After a Philly three-and-out, Callahan connected with rookie WRs DeAngelo Yancey for 15 yards, Michael Clark for 12, and Montay Crockett for 12 more to the Eagles’ 31. Multiple penalties and a sack stalled the drive, though, and the Packers were forced to punt.

Another three-and-out brought Packers rookie QB Taysom Hill into the game with 6:06 left. Hill was sacked on second down and fumbled, with Green Bay recovering, and the Packers punted again.

Ward muffed Vogel’s 56-yard punt but managed to recover. Packers rookie CB Raysean Pringle had a chance to get the ball and ended up injured on the play. He was being evaluated for a concussion.

Packers S Marwin Evans then intercepted a deep ball from QB Dane Evans intended for WR Shelton Gibson, and Green Bay took over with 3:04 left. It was the fourth turnover for the Packers’ defense in the game.

Hill hit McCaffrey for 14 yards to convert on third-and-11 just after the two-minute warning, and then Yancey hauled in a 46-yard pass to make it first-and-goal on the 9. Two plays later, Hill found Clark for a 7-yard TD with 9 seconds left.

Complete game coverage:

  • Packers 24, Eagles 9


Full Highlights: Packers 24,Custom Bengals Jersey Eagles 9

View all the big plays from the Packers’ preseason win over the Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers QB Brett Hundley finds TE Martellus Bennett for his first catch with the Packers during Thursday’s preseason matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Green Cincinnati Bengals Bay Packers WR Trevor Davis returns a punt 68 yards for a touchdown during the second quarter of Thursday’s matchup against the Eagles.

Green Bay Packers CB LaDarius Gunter forces and recovers a fumble on a pass to Eagles TE Trey Burton during Thursday’s preseason matchup at Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers QB Brett Hundley finds WR Jeff Janis for the 20-yard touchdown Thursday Personalized NY Giants Jersey night against Custom Bengals Jersey the Eagles.

Green Bay Packers QB Brett Hundley and WR Jeff Janis do a joint Lambeau Leap after connecting for a touchdown during Thursday’s preseason matchup at Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers LB Joe Thomas picks off a pass from Philadelphia Eagles QB Matt McGloin during the first half of Thursday’s matchup.

Green Bay Packers LB Blake Martinez forces a fumble on Eagles TE Billy Brown and is recovered by the Packers Thursday night at Lambeau Field. Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

Green Bay Packers QB Joe Callahan escapes pressure and finds WR Max McCaffrey for a big gain during Thursday’s preseason matchup against the Eagles.

Green Bay Packers S Buffalo Bills Marwin Evans makes an impressive interception of off Eagles QB Dane Evans Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers WR DeAngelo Yancey makes a spectacular catch from QB Taysom Hill in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

Green Bay Packers WR Michael Clark hauls in a touchdown catch from QB Taysom Hill late in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s preseason matchup against the Custom Bengals Jersey Eagles.

Check out the highlights from the preseason Week 1 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers.Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

All three phases do Jordy Nelson Jersey their part in Packers’ 24-9 triumph

Green Bay opens preseason by downing Philadelphia

GREEN BAY – It’s never perfect in a first game, but the Packers did enough right on Thursday night Cleveland Browns they felt pretty good about their start to the preseason.

A punt return for a touchdown, a sharp-looking TD pass, and three of four
Jordy Nelson Jersey turnovers by the defense all came in the second quarter of Green Bay’s 24-9 victory over Philadelphia at Lambeau Field.

Those outweighed some sloppy moments with ball-handling that the Packers Paul Hornung Jersey will look to shore up before the games begin for real.

“I thought the work tonight was very good for us in all three phases,” Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. “We took a step tonight as a football team.”

With quarterback Aaron Rodgers taking a rest, Brett Hundley was the starter, and he overcame a rocky beginning that included a bobbled opening snap and a Ty Montgomery fumble.

On his third drive, starting in Eagles territory thanks to a turnover, Hundley made a check at the line of scrimmage that produced a pretty 20-yard TD toss to Jeff Janis between two defenders.

“I thought Brett handled some things,” McCarthy said. “Anytime you’re
Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt able to have a series, review it on the sideline, see things that are potential adjustments and it sets up a touchdown, that’s good football and a good step there for any quarterback.”

Hundley finished 8-of-15 for 90 yards with the TD and one interception. The Packers turned it over three times and fumbled it three others without losing the ball, so the normal emphasis on ball security will be intensified even more the rest of training camp.

The defense did its part, though, generating four turnovers that led to 17 points. The Packers also missed potential chances for more takeaways, too, on Custom Bears Jersey a damp and slippery evening.

Green Bay’s other score, its first of the game, came via a 68-yard punt return for a score by second-year receiver Trevor Davis. The 2016 fifth-round pick out of Cal showed off both shiftiness and speed in taking one to the house and firing up the 74,330 in attendance.

“I thought the blocking was really good,” McCarthy said. “We were able to set the wall and Trevor did an outstanding job, not only getting vertical but finishing when he bounced outside and made the punter miss. A well-executed play and a great return.”

Davis later added a 26-yard runback in making a strong early bid for the
Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt punt-return duties.

Those were the highlights of a strong overall night on special teams. The field-goal operation executed three extra points and a 39-yard boot without incident, and rookie punter Justin Vogel averaged a healthy 44.0 yards (43.5 net) on six punts, putting all but Chicago Bears one inside the Philly 20-yard line.

“I thought we definitely improved special teams-wise,” McCarthy said. “I look forward to watching the video.”

The biggest downside to the game was the injuries, most notably a scary scene involving rookie receiver Malachi Dupre, who took a vicious hit from safety Tre Sullivan that knocked the ball out and left Dupre laying on the field for several minutes.

Dupre was taken off the field on a stretcher and gave a thumbs up to the crowd while being wheeled away. The immediate postgame report was he had movement and feeling in all his extremities and was at a local hospital for further evaluation. Dupre also tweeted after the game that he’s OK.

“All the information coming back from the testing is positive,” McCarthy said, adding that more tests were forthcoming. “There were moments of high concern. You don’t want to see any of your players go through that.”
Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson Color Rush Vapor Untouchable Alternate Yellow Jersey.

Other injuries also struck cornerbacks Damarious Randall (concussion) and Raysean Pringle (evaluated for concussion), safety Kentrell Brice (finger) and offensive lineman Don Barclay (ankle).

Green Bay’s defense had a frustrating opening series, as Eagles QB Carson Wentz converted an early fourth-and-6 in Packers territory and followed with a third-and-13 pass that Mack Hollins turned into a 38-yard touchdown for a 6-0 lead.

On the play, Wentz dodged what looked like a sure sack by Clay Matthews, and Hollins used a stiff arm to get away from cornerbacks Kevin King and Quinten Rollins downfield and find the end zone.

“I think this was a normal first night,” McCarthy said regarding the tackling. “We have a lot of work to do.”

From there, the Packers’ defense didn’t allow much and got into takeaway mode. The final turnover, an interception by second-year safety Marwin Evans on a deep ball, gave fourth-string QB Taysom Hill one last possession with 3:04 left.Vintage 1961 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers Team Color Throwback Jersey Mitchell and Ness.

Hill hit rookie receiver DeAngelo Yancey deep for 46 yards and two plays later found undrafted rookie Michael Clark for a 7-yard TD with nine seconds left to close out the scoring.

“The way we called the last series, it was a reflection of how they were playing defense,” McCarthy said. “They were aggressive, so we got aggressive. I thought it was an excellent first impression for those guys.”

Complete game coverage:

  • Packers 24, Eagles 9


Trevor Davis breaks through on Custom Bears Jersey punt returns

Receiver’s 68-yarder for a touchdown gets the scoring started for Packers

GREEN BAY – Trevor Davis spent countless hours catching punts in California this offseason, preparing for the very opportunity he was presented with on Thursday night Paul Hornung Jersey.

This time, the Packers’ second-year receiver needed only one to put all the skills he developed this summer to work, fashioning Cleveland BrownsJordy Nelson Jersey 68-yard punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter of Green Bay’s eventual 24-9 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in front of 74,330 at Lambeau Field.

At first glance Custom Browns Jersey, Davis appeared to have an Eagles gunner bearing down on him off the right side. However, he knew the Packers’ double-team on the left had equalized the other threat.

As the wall developed, Davis stepped to his right to dodge the first defender and took it upfield for the score – and his first Lambeau Leap.

“I’ve been waiting on it for a long time,” said Davis, whose touchdown got the scoring started for Green Bay. “It’s really a testament to (special teams coordinator Ron) Zook and the return team we had. They’ve been doing a great job on it and we’ve been working on it a lot because we knew we had a chance at a big (play) and they executed it perfectly.”

Davis also added a 26-yard return in the third quarter, finishing the night with two attempts for 94 yards.

Returning isn’t a new concept to Davis. He actually brought back nine punts for 115 yards as a rookie last season, including a 55-yard effort against Atlanta. There also were two fumbles, which led to the Packers using Randall Cobb and Micah Hyde in that role down the stretch.

With Hyde now in Buffalo and Cobb still entrenched in the offense, Davis looked at this summer as an opportunity to renew his application for the job.

The 6-foot, 190-pound receiver placed a heavy emphasis on improving his hands and technique this summer, working out at San Jose State with one of the school’s former punters. So far, he’s noticed a difference in camp.Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

The progress showed in the Packers’ first preseason game.

“He made a good little jab step and got up out of there,” said cornerback Josh Hawkins, one of the jammers on the touchdown return. “It gave us momentum. He saw a seam and he took it. He hit it hard. It was good for him and everybody on the return team just blocked.”Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

Davis and Cobb have handled a majority of the reps on punt returns since camp began, though it was Davis and first-year receiver Max McCaffrey who handled the duties against the Eagles.

Afterward, Cobb congratulated Davis on the return and also for not letting of Philadelphia punter Donnie Jones catch up to him at the end. Considered one Chicago Bears the fastest players on the team, Davis put on the jets to pass the punter and get into the end zone.

Davis doesn’t believe any jobs were won or lost in the preseason opener, but he admits the performance was a step in the right direction for both him and the Packers’ special-teams units.Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson Color Rush Vapor Untouchable Alternate Yellow Jersey.

“It was great to build consistency and trying to go out there and give our offense field position at all given times,” Davis said. “Special teams is the biggest field-position plays in the games so as long as you’re able to utilize that and get our offense at the 40 and closer every single possession, Aaron Rodgers is going to put it in the end zone. That’s really a big play for us.”

On the offensive side of special teams, the Packers’ field-goal operation settled back in after a rough practice last Saturday.

Working with rookie holder Justin Vogel and long-snapper Derek Hart, kicker Mason Crosby made a 39-yard field goal in the second quarter and all three of Custom Bears Jersey his extra points to get back on track after making only 5-of-11 attempts on Family Night.

“I tried to slow myself down and looked to what I could control and make sure I’m sound with everything I’m doing every time I go to the ball,” Crosby said.Vintage 1961 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers Team Color Throwback Jersey Mitchell and Ness.

Complete game coverage:

  • Packers 24, Eagles 9