Packers propose naming Village of Jordy Nelson Jersey Ashwaubenon street ‘Ron Wolf Way’

The proposed change was formally reviewed by the Village Plan Commission Tuesday evening, and now will be discussed in a public hearing at the Aug. 22 Village Board meeting.

The Green Bay Packers today announced that as part of the development of Titletown, the organization has proposed to the Cleveland Browns Village of Ashwaubenon to name and officially designate a new roadway within the Titletown District as “Ron Wolf Way.”

The proposed change was formally reviewed by the Village Plan Commission
Jordy Nelson Jersey Tuesday evening, and now will be discussed in a public hearing at the Aug. 22 Village Board meeting.Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

“We’re excited to have this proposal before the village,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “The road will be appropriately named in honor of Ron Wolf’s tremendous impact on the Packers organization.”

Wolf, a Pro Football and Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer, was the executive vice president and general manager for the Green Bay Packers from 1991-2001. Under Wolf, from 1992-2000, the Packers compiled the second-best regular-season record in the NFL (92-52, .639) while recording seven consecutive winning seasons (1992-98) and six straight playoff appearances (1993-98). While Wolf made many moves Chicago Bears to shape the Packers into a consistent winner, he made three key transactions early Paul Hornung Jersey in his time in Green Bay: hiring Custom Bears Jersey Mike Holmgren as head coach, trading for quarterback Brett Favre and signing Hall of Fame defensive end Reggie White. Those key pieces helped the Packers win three consecutive NFC Central Division Championships (1995-97) and back-to-back NFC titles (1996-97).Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson Color Rush Vapor Untouchable Alternate Yellow Jersey.

The new roadway that would be named for Ron Wolf is between Brookwood Drive and Blue Ridge Drive, a section of the street that was relocated in order to provide better access and traffic movements around the newly developed Titletown.

The street signage cost fits into the existing budget for the development, and with no homes or businesses located on this stretch of roadway, there will be no necessary address changes.



He passed his first big test Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt

Plus lots of other thoughts on the Packers’ preseason opener

Larry from Carney, MI

I thought reviews were going to be faster and handled by the league in New
Custom Bears Jersey York. What’s up with going behind the curtain? I would’ve thought preseason would be a good time to work out any bugs.
Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

I’m not sure where the tablet was. McCarthy said after the game there were headset issues, so maybe that was related to not trying the new replay procedure. Speaking of procedures, after games, Insider Inbox will be posted a little later than normal, in the 11 a.m. CT range. I won’t bore you with the details, but please understand Vic’s day-after-game schedule was not the same as mine. Sorry I didn’t give you a heads-up before today, but I appreciate your patience.

Tadhg from Portland, OR

Dear Insiders, I think Taysom Hill looked very impressive. He showed great elusiveness, some strong throws and, of course, the back-shoulder TD. I also have to say, seeing the starters being so amped up in the last 15 seconds of a preseason game for those rookies getting their first NFL touchdown was something special. Rodgers went and gave both Hill and Clark a big hug
Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt afterwards on the sideline. I’m sure it’s a night they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Ben from Hilo, HI

Did Trevor Davis lock down a roster spot?

I have a hard time envisioning him not being on this team. His speed is a legitimate weapon.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

In the spirit of three things of training camp, what were your top three thoughts of preseason game No. 1?

Tackling drills only go so far; you have to do it in a game. It’s unfortunate Kevin King was forced to miss so much of the work in the spring. And the Custom Bears Jersey rookie punter passed his first big test.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

The league isn’t taking player safety seriously until these terrible hits to the head and neck get flagged and the players who commit the errors are benched. Two gifted young players cut down tonight unnecessarily with no consequences to the player who committed the illegal hit. This is terribly disturbing.

The consequences will come later, when the plays are studied, but I wonder if the league is going to consider in-game reviews of these types of hits for penalties, ejections or other discipline, like in basketball with the flagrant fouls. It’s difficult for the officials to see everything at live speed, and your point about how seriously the league wants to take this is a valid question.

Vincent from San Jose, CA

I know this team is loaded at receiver and there are many quality-looking players at the position. If Michael Clark has a nice preseason, how likely do you think it is that he makes the final 53? It would be hard to think someone else doesn’t pick him up with his size/speed combo.

I’ve already seen questions about keeping eight receivers, worries Jordy Nelson Jersey about the waiver wire, practice squad, etc. Let’s remember there’s an abundance of receiver prospects all across the NFL. The college game is turning out receivers like Pez dispensers pop out candy. This will sort Paul Hornung Jersey itself out just fine.

Larry from Green Bay, WI

I see the Pack still cannot tackle on the edge – Eagles’ first touchdown, arm reaches, who the hell is teaching these guys? Great running game too – just a joke. You will not publish this, you never do, nothing but apologists. If they are 8-8 they will be lucky.

Preseason rants are the best.

Adam from Fond du Lac, WI

Hey Mike, did you notice the irony of No. 93 for the Packers? His name is Gilbert, but he doesn’t resemble “Big Old Gilbert Brown” in the least!

Wes and I were discussing the possibility of someone having fun with assigning jersey numbers. I did like what Gilbert showed in the pass rush.

Peter from Gaborone, Botswana

The folks fantasizing about helmet cams, etc., seem to be forgetting that a microphone likely caused the lung injury that took Cobb out of the divisional playoff against the Cardinals in 2015. Players take enough risks, we don’t need to make it worse just to make the game look more like Madden.

Amen to that.

Kevin from Tucson, AZ

Mike, acknowledging that preseason playbooks are pretty generic, how do head coaches still appear to be in such a high state of concentration? Are they doing quite a bit of player assessment and calling plays accordingly?

They leave most of the assessment for the film room, but they are focusing on calling certain plays to put certain players in a situation they want to see. They’re creating what they feel will give them the best evaluation.

Brent from Dubuque, IA

Can a coach switch from field to press box or vice versa midseason, or even game to game?

Even within the same game. It’s up to each individual team where its coaches reside.

Stephen from Chicago, IL

Mike, why do teams put out depth charts now or at all during the season? I’m guessing it is league-mandated. But if so, my real question is why does the league mandate something so pointless? If they are going to ask teams to write down players’ names on a piece of paper, wouldn’t it be more interesting to write down which 11 players on offense and which 11 on defense will play the most snaps?

There’s no way to predict that, and no way coaches want to provide that information in a matchup league. To your initial point, it is pointless. Wait, huh?

Joel from Elk River, MN

Could a player theoretically line up in a one-point stance (Karate Kid style)?

Only if he paints a fence and waxes a car first.

Steve from New Britain, CT

Baseball players are well-known for having odd superstitions to help them play better and to break out of batting slumps. Can you tell us about any superstitions of past or current Packers players?

One of the athletic trainers, Kurt Fielding, used to write numbers on the bottom of Favre’s foot after he finished taping his ankles. They served as a prediction for his stats that day. Kurt told me once the closest he ever came to being right on was the Monday night game in Oakland in 2003, right after Favre’s dad died. “I had the numbers pegged pretty good,” he said, “for the first half.”

Dan from Leland, NC

Insiders, what’s an STAA day? I don’t often come across an acronym that stumps me, but that one is new for me.

Soft Tissue Activation and Application. It’s a treat-the-body-right day.

Salvador from Marbella, Spain

Do you really think AR doesn’t have to play more during the preseason? I know there’s an injury risk but I think one of our common problems during recent years is starting the real season too slow. I do believe that, as good as he is, No. 12 needs quality reps to get to Week 1 on fire.

Rodgers said this week there’s “no correlation” for him between preseason action and how he starts the season, and I believe him. Defenses are too vanilla for a 13-year veteran QB to see a close enough simulation of an actual game to make it worth the injury risk.

Chris from De Pere, WI

Insiders, we all know Ted makes the final call on draft day, but who chooses the final 53-man roster? Is it Mike and Ted with Ted making the final decision? Are the pro scouts included?

It’s a collaborative process, and having seen this operation for a dozen years now, I believe McCarthy has considerably more say in roster decisions than draft choices, but the final calls are still Thompson’s.

Jeff from Wausau, WI

I get my mind ready for the football season by starting my morning with homemade Packer lattes. Jordy Nelson latte has the milk warmed for 87 seconds in the microwave. Reggie White latte is often too hot for me, but the Jermichael Finley latte is pretty good, too. Do you have any non-Packer item/task that you randomly relate to the Packers?

I remember four-digit pin numbers by associating them with pairs of jerseys, but if 88 is involved, I think Finley instead of Montgomery so I don’t get confused.

Erik from Clarkston, WA

Thank you for the story on Linsley. I remember reading about it in his first camp and really pulled for him making the team. Just a great story and makes my hearty swell with pride for being a Packer fan.

That was a tremendous piece of work by Wes. If you haven’t checked it out, please take the time to do so.

Rod from Longwood, FL

Hi, Mike. Your parents extracted you at halftime in the ’83 shootout. As a 12-year-old, despite my protests on Rose Bowl day, I was forced by mom and stepfather to go see “West Side Story” instead of staying home with babysitter girl to watch Wisconsin-Southern Cal in the ’63 Rose Bowl. Somehow, we got back just in time for the fourth-quarter fireworks. To date, there is very minimal footage, especially of the fourth quarter, on YouTube. Such trauma.

When you’re a fan, you’re a fan all the way, from your first football game to your last dyin’ day.

Jerome from Wichita, WI

Which team member, in your opinion, has come to camp with the most improved “body” to take on the new season?

Dean Lowry and Geronimo Allison have stood out to me the most.

Dave from Des Moines, IA

I get that some people are ga-ga over throwback jerseys. I’m not a fan. I would think quarterbacks making split-second decisions might be thrown off by the different look. Do they get to practice with the throwbacks on? What is the Packers’ recent record when they wear them?

They don’t practice with them, at least not in practices open to the media. To my knowledge, the Packers are 5-1 wearing throwbacks, losing only to Dallas last October.

Roy from Las Vegas, NV

We had a 15-technique last year. Ringo rushing from the sideline versus the Seahawks!

Nicely done.

Sean from Portland, ME

Greg Jennings is probably still my favorite WR to come through GB. Talent-wise, he was special. When he left GB did his physical ability deteriorate quickly? Or was it as simple as playing for bad QBs?

Jennings had a significant core muscle surgery his final season in Green Bay, his seventh year in the league, so I suspect that was a factor. Going from Favre for two years to Rodgers for five to anyone else means an inevitable dropoff, too.

Michael from Des Moines, IA

I couldn’t watch the Packers game here unfortunately (just wasn’t on TV but I Custom Browns Jersey appreciated the online updates from you guys). But Trubisky for the Bears looked really impressive and the stats don’t say it all, even though they lost. My question is, is it wrong that I got excited? I miss the old Packers vs. Bears rivalry that has been lacking in recent years.

It’s one preseason game. Boy, people really missed football, didn’t they?

Dale from Kettering, OH

Anything there to give you new insights into the year?

I expect the running game to be a major focus the rest of the preseason. Its lack of emphasis in OTAs was evident last night. If the field-goal operation is truly smoothed out, that would be good, too. And did you see the move by Devante Mays in the open field on the short fourth-and-2 pass, and the hit he absorbed without going down? Show me more.



Four turnovers set the Custom Cowboys Jersey tone for Packers’ defense

Rookie WR Malachi Dupre “OK” after fourth-quarter hit

GREEN BAY – Morgan Burnett was just like the rest of the 74,330 in attendance at Lambeau Field Thursday night, watching intently as Marwin Evans sprinted across the field.

The Packers’ second-year safety, ranging in centerfield, was firing on all cylinders when he converged on a deep ball from Philadelphia quarterback Dane Evans intended for receiver Shelton Gibson.Men’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

Knowing the Eagles would be looking for a home-run play down by eight points with roughly three minutes remaining, Marwin Evans came across the field, played through the ball and wound up with his first NFL interception in the process.

It was the fourth and final turnover the Packers’ defense forced in Green Bay’s 24-9 preseason win over the Eagles. Burnett, watching from the sidelines since the first quarter, couldn’t have been more proud of his fellow safety.

“That was a great break, teaching tape really,” Burnett said. “You could put some music behind it and really get into the film room. He had a great break on the ball and you talk about finishing through a receiver to get to the ball, that’s textbook. He did a great job.”

Evans, a Milwaukee native who was one of five undrafted rookies to make the Packers’ opening 53-man roster last season, spent a majority of that first NFL season on special teams.

Given a shot at reps on the back end, the 5-foot-11, 211-pound safety didn’t want to disappoint. He initially planned to put Dallas Cowboys a shoulder into Gibson to break up the pass.

Once he arrived, Evans realized the turnover was right in front of him.
Vintage 1969 Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Throwback Team Color Jersey Mitchell and Ness.

“It definitely helps with more experience and becoming more knowledgeable with the game, studying the game and becoming more aware of what offenses want to do,” Evans said. “It’s fourth quarter with three minutes left, we knew they wanted Custom Cowboys Jersey to take a shot. They were down eight and needed a two-point conversion. Just knew they needed to take a shot.”

While Evans’ interception helped seal the Packers’ victory, it was cornerback LaDarius Gunter who helped swing momentum in the favor of Green Bay’s defense with his force and recovery of Eagles running back Donnel Pumphrey’s fumble in the second quarter.

Packers quarterback Brett Hundley used the field position to lead the offense into the end zone with a 20-yard touchdown pass Jeff Janis on the ensuing drive.

On the next defensive possession, Packers inside linebacker Joe Thomas picked off backup quarterback Matt McGloin, stiff-armed one would-be tackler and ended up returning the ball 30 yards before he was tackled by McGloin himself.

“It was a man-to-man, I was on the (running) back,” Thomas said. “I guess he got picked by his receiver or something like that. The quarterback didn’t see it, threw the ball and I caught it on my stick-ums and tried to make a
Youth Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey play after that. Ended up getting tackled by the quarterback, which I’m not proud of.”

The Packers got their third turnover of the second quarter with a little more than a minute left in the half when inside linebacker Blake Martinez forced a fumble from Bill Brown.

The ball popped loose near the sideline before Packers defensive tackle Christian Ringo picked it up. It’s only preseason, but the players involved in those four plays will tell you there’s no bad time for a turnover.

“It starts somewhere, preseason or not,” Ringo said. “We have a chance to go against somebody else and were able to get turnovers. The opportunities were out there and we’re taking it. That’s a confidence-builder for our defense.”

Dupre update: Rookie receiver Malachi Dupre was taken off the field on a stretcher following a hit by Eagles safety Tre Sullivan at the start of the fourth quarter.

Dupre, a 2017 seventh-round pick out of LSU, had feeling and movement in all of his extremities, but was brought to a local hospital for further tests.

The 6-foot-2, 196-pound receiver took to Twitter on Thursday night to thank fans for their prayers and to let everyone know he was OK.

“You don’t want to see anybody go down like that,” Burnett said. “That’s very sad, but as a team, we’re going to pray for him, wish him the best and a speedy recovery.”

Through the air: Max McCaffrey could count on almost two hands how many snaps he took last preseason in Oakland.

On Thursday night, the first-year receiver played for three full quarters on his way to catching three passes for 60 yards, including a 34-yard completion from backup Joe Callahan.

McCaffrey, who has impressed with his quickness and route-running in the
Ray Nitschke Jersey first two weeks of training camp, was one of 14 players who caught at least one pass against the Eagles.

“I love this organization,” McCaffrey said. “They let me and a bunch of the younger guys come out and play, which is good to get that kind Custom Broncos Jersey of experience in a real game. It was awesome going out there and playing against some guys you don’t play against every day.”

Rookie fifth-round pick DeAngelo Yancey led the Packers with four catches for 67 yards, including a 46-yard reception from backup quarterback Taysom Bart Starr Jersey Hill in the final two-minute drill.

It was a meaningful play for Yancey, who had his eyes on a touchdown earlier in the fourth quarter until he appeared to get his arm held as the pass descended near the end zone.

“After that, it was like if anything is going in the air, I’m attacking it,” Yancey said. “I’m glad I got a chance to make up for it.”

Strong finish: Yancey’s catch set the table for Hill’s 7-yard touchdown pass to rookie Michael Clark on a fade to the left side of the end zone with 12 seconds remaining.

Hill, an undrafted rookie out of BYU, completed 4-of-5 passes for 69 yards on the drive in addition to two scrambles for 14 yards.

“He brought back some memories,” said rookie running back Jamaal Williams, who was teammates with Hill at BYU. “I was on the sidelines thinking, ‘If he gets the chance (to scramble), he’s taking it. That’s my boy. I’m proud of the way he came out slinging it and doing everything he could.”

Complete game coverage:

  • Packers 24, Eagles 9


Malachi Dupre in concussion Ray Nitschke Jersey protocol

In review of first preseason effort, McCarthy says Packers will send film of dangerous hits to the league

GREEN BAY – Packers receiver Malachi Dupre was back at work Friday.

That was good news considering not long ago the rookie seventh-round draft Ray Nitschke Jersey pick was being immobilized and wheeled out of Lambeau Field after taking a wicked hit from Eagles safety Tre Sullivan on a slant

Men’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt

pass in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s preseason opener.

Mike McCarthy announced that Dupre is in the concussion protocol, but the
Vintage 1969 Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Throwback Team Color Jersey Mitchell and Ness head coach did not indicate he had additional injuries. Dupre spent the night in a local hospital for evaluation but was released Friday morning.

Third-year cornerback Damarious Randall is in the concussion protocol as well after going down due to a crack-back block from Philadelphia receiver Bryce Treggs on a running play in the first quarter.

McCarthy said both players are “in good spirits” following hits that
Youth Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey weren’t penalized but ones the Packers are sending in to the NFL to be reviewed.

“Saw the video. Definitely both plays we’ll turn in to the league,” McCarthy said. “With the emphasis (on player safety), those hits fall into that category.”

Offensive lineman Don Barclay’s ankle injury is still being evaluated Denver Broncos, and McCarthy did not have a timeline for his return.

McCarthy liked the way the Packers’ young offensive linemen made up for Barclay’s absence, but one disappointment was the run game never got going.
Mitchell and Ness 15 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers Authentic Team Color Throwback Jersey 1969.

Not including quarterback scrambles, the Packers rushed 14 times for just 18 yards in the game. The film will be scrutinized closely and McCarthy insists it will be a good learning experience.

“That’s an emphasis for our Sunday practice,” McCarthy said, as the Packers will hold a closed workout on Sunday. “We had some tough angles in the run game, and shoot, that’s good football. You don’t play the game on a chalkboard. You have to be able to play through those types of situations, and we’ll be better for it.Custom Broncos Jersey

Other notes from the 24-9 victory:

  • McCarthy called out the special teams for playing the best of the three phases. With two long punt returns by Trevor Davis (one for a TD), a solid night from rookie punter Justin Vogel, a long opponent punt return of just three yards, and a smooth field-goal operation, the fundamentals on special teams graded out the highest.
  • The trainers are still working with tight end Richard Rodgers to see what type of splint or club he might be able to wear on his injured finger in order to get back on the field. Rodgers missed Thursday’s game.
  • Defensively there were too many missed tackles, especially Bart Starr Jersey early. McCarthy said defenders were trying to tackle too high rather than going low, and the Packers paid for it.

Overall, it was a typical first preseason effort, filled with plusses and minuses. One down, three to go.

“There was a lot of energy in the coaching meetings today, excited about a lot of the good football,” McCarthy said. “As coaches we can harp on the negatives too much Dallas Cowboys.

“There’s a lot of good tape to learn from, and a lot of mistakes that are still good experiences to learn from. We did improve as a football team. It was our first impression, and we need to build off that.”


Richard Rodgers hauls in the play Ray Nitschke Jersey of Family Night

Veteran tight end remains a valued part of Packers’ offense

GREEN BAY – Richard Rodgers wasn’t exactly sure what was going on behind
Ray Nitschke Jersey him during an early team period of Saturday’s annual Family Night practice inside Lambeau Field.Men’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

The Packers tight end just knew he was open in the middle of the field and a picture-perfect pass from quarterback Brett Hundley was quickly rocketing in his direction Dallas Cowboys.

As Rodgers has done through most of training camp, the fourth-year veteran pulled down the pass in stride and carried it out for what would be a 58-yard touchdown to the cheers of the 63,156 in attendance.Vintage 1969 Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke Throwback Team Color Jersey Mitchell and Ness.

“It’s a good thing Brett saw me and threw a good ball,” said Rodgers with a smile.

Rodgers has flown under the radar this summer following the addition of veterans Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks in free agency.

However, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reminded reporters earlier this week that Richard Rodgers is very much a reliable part of the three-headed monster forming at tight Custom Cowboys Jersey end.

With Hundley operating under center Denver Broncos on that particular connection, Richard Rodgers again proved why he has the confidence of his quarterbacks.

It also helped Hundley put the pass right on the money, leading Rodgers past safety Marwin Evans down the seam for the deep completion.

“It felt awesome,” Hundley said. “We had some go routes and Richie was wide open down the middle of the field. We had some night, throwing the ball around and just making things happen. It’s good for us to see what it’s like to be under the lights with the crowd.”

Although Bennett and Kendricks have played a combined 15 NFL seasons, the 25-year-old Rodgers brings his own form of veteran experience to the party after playing in all 48 regular-season games over the past three seasons, with 23 starts.Youth Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.

With 108 receptions during that stretch, Rodgers knows firsthand what Aaron Rodgers expects out of his tight ends, and he’s been open about passing along tips to everyone from Bennett to undrafted rookie Aaron Peck in meeting rooms.

Right now, Rodgers isn’t concerned about what the depth chart will look like at tight end this season. His focus is simple – make plays and win games.

“Whenever we start game-planning, that’s when we figure out roles,” Rodgers said. “But right now we’re just trying to do whatever Custom Broncos Jersey we can to try to help the team win. We have a great group of offensive guys right now.”

First Leap: While Rodgers may have helped get the crowd revved up early, it was Peck who sent the crowd home happy.

The 6-foot-2, 239-pound rookie out of Fresno State pulled down a 13-yard touchdown pass from Hundley on first-and-goal with only 14 seconds left in the two-minute drill between the No. 2 offense and defense.

Peck stood in the end zone for a few moments after the catch, unsure about what to do next. That was until teammates began telling him to do the famous touchdown celebration.

“I wasn’t sure if I could do it, you know what I’m saying?” Peck said. “I don’t know who it Bart Starr Jersey was, but one of the linemen told me, ‘What are you doing? You’ve got to go do the Lambeau Leap.’ I’m like, ‘All right!’ So, I turned around and did my thing.”

Shortly thereafter, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, receiver Randall Cobb and second-year cornerback Josh Hawkins joined in on the festivities.

Hawkins was just hanging out in the vicinity of the end zone when Rodgers told him to come along for the ride to the thrill of the fans seated in the front row of the south end zone.Mitchell and Ness 15 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers Authentic Team Color Throwback Jersey 1969.

“It was fun,” Hawkins said. “It was a good experience, especially when 12 told me to do it with him. It was amazing. He’s a great guy, humble guy.”

Hawkins, who’d never previously performed a Lambeau Leap, said it provided even greater motivation to get there again.

“I can’t wait,” Hawkins said. “It’s coming. I’ve been asking God for it. It’s coming. I can’t chase it. I have to let it come to me.”

Another first: Rookie punter Justin Vogel got his first taste of what it’s like to punt inside Lambeau Field when he led off an early special-teams period.

Vogel played in front of plenty of big crowds at the University of Florida and Miami (Fla.), but there is something special about punting inside Lambeau Field for the first time.

“It was an amazing experience,” Vogel said. “No matter how many college stadiums you’ve played in, it’s not the same.”


Packers open preseason Personalized Dolphins Jersey against Eagles

This will be 16th time Green Bay & Philadelphia have met during preseason

  • The Green Bay Packers will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the preseason Personalized Dolphins Jersey opener at Lambeau Field.
  • This will be the 16th time Green Bay and Philadelphia have met during the preseason. The Eagles lead the preseason series, 9-6.
  • The last time the two teams met was during the regular season last year, a Custom Dolphins Jersey 27-13 Packers victory at Philadelphia that gave Green Bay a 26-14 lead in the regular-season series.
  • The Packers and Eagles last played each other during the preseason in 2015, a 39-26 road victory by Philadelphia.
  • This will be the fifth consecutive year that the Packers and Eagles have faced each other in the preseason or regular season.
  • The Packers will take to the road for their second preseason game, traveling to play the Washington Redskins on Saturday, Aug. 19, at 6:30 p.m. CST.

This is an abbreviated version of the Dope Sheet. Read the full version here (PDF)


  • Thursday night marks another Green Bay preseason tradition: the Bishop’s Charities Game. It was first played in 1961 after Vince Lombardi was approached by the Diocese of Green Bay about playing a charitable contest in Green Bay (the Shrine contest was a fixture in Milwaukee).
  • The series enjoys its 57th contest this year and has raised more than $3.7 million.
  • For more than 30 years, the church handled much of the game’s business-related tasks, including game-program and advertising sales, using a network of Personalized Packers Jersey volunteers covering 14 counties throughout northeastern Wisconsin. The Packers assumed many of those tasks beginning in 1994.
  • The Packers are 31-24-1 all-time in the series.
  • The Eagles will be making their second appearance in the Bishop’s Charities Game. Their lone appearance came in 1983, a 27-14 Philadelphia victory.
  • Green Bay has won three consecutive contests and seven of the last eight games in the series, including a 20-12 victory over the Oakland Raiders last year. Prior to that, the Packers had lost six consecutive Bishop’s Charities contests. That six-game losing streak (2003-08) came on the heels of a 12-game winning streak (1991-2002) in the series.
  • Over the last three Bishop’s Charities Games, the Packers have outscored their opponents, 92-36.


  • Preseason games are televised over the 16-station Packers TV Network throughout the state of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, northeastern Minnesota, the Quad Cities, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo in Iowa, Omaha in Nebraska, Fargo in North Dakota, Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau in Alaska.
  • The top-notch broadcast team includes CBS’s Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) alongside fellow CBS broadcaster Rich Gannon (analyst), with Lance Allan of WTMJ-TV serving as the sideline reporter. Allan will also host an informative half-hour pregame show featuring former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher.
  • In addition to flagship stations WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee and WGBA-TV in Green Bay the game will be televised over WKOW/ABC, Madison, Wis.; WAOW/ABC, Wausau/Rhinelander, Wis.; WXOW/ABC, La Crosse, Wis.; WQOW/ABC, Eau Claire, Wis.; WLUC/NBC, Escanaba/Marquette, Mich.; KQDS-TV/FOX, Duluth/Superior, Minn.; WHBF-TV/CBS, Davenport, Iowa (Quad Cities); KCWI-TV/CW, Des Moines, Iowa; KWWL-TV/NBC, Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa; KMTV-TV/CBS, Omaha, Neb.; KVRR/IND, Fargo, North Dakota; KDLT/NBC, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; KYUR/ABC, Anchorage, Alaska; KATN/ABC, Fairbanks, Alaska amd KJUD/ABC, Juneau, Alaska.
  • Milwaukee’s WTMJ (620 AM), airing Green Bay games since November 1929, heads up the Packers Radio Network that is made up of 50 stations in five states. Wayne Larrivee (play-by-play) and two-time Packers Pro Bowler Larry McCarren (analyst) call the action. McCarren first joined the team’s broadcasts in 1995 and enters his 23rd season calling Packers games. After originally being paired together in 1999, McCarren and Larrivee enter their 19th season of broadcasts together.


  • The Packers enter training camp with an 90-man roster that is composed of 45 offensive players, 42 defensive players and three specialists.
  • Of the 90 players on Green Bay’s roster, 41 of them (45.6 percent) were draft picks of the Packers. Dating back to 2007, Green Bay has at least one member of each draft class still on the roster.
  • Green Bay has 42 players on the roster that began their careers as undrafted free agents, with 36 of those originally signed by Green Bay.
  • Nearly 60 percent of the players (53 of 90, 58.9 percent) on Green Bay’s roster entered the league as a sixth-round or seventh-round pick or as an undrafted player.
  • The Packers have four players on the roster that played in the NFL prior to the 2009 season. All four of those players were draft picks of the Packers (QB Aaron Rodgers Personalized Patriots Jersey, K Mason Crosby, WR Jordy Nelson and LB Clay Matthews) and three have made at least one Pro Bowl.
  • Of the 90 players on the roster, 77 began their pro careers with the Packers (85.6 percent).
  • Only 21 of the 90 players on the roster (23.3 percent) were selected in the Custom Patriots Jersey first three rounds of the draft, with 19 being drafted by the Packers.


BY AGE (as of August 10)

  • 21-24: 57 players
  • 25-28: 24 players
  • 29-32: 7 players
  • 33-plus: 2 players


  • R-1: 42 players
  • 2-3: 22 players
  • 4-5: 10 players
  • 6-9: 10 players
  • 10-plus: 6 players


  • 1st: 7 players
  • 2nd/3rd: 14 players
  • 4th/5th: 16 players
  • 6th/7th: 11 players
  • Undrafted: 42 players


  • Packers vs. Eagles:
  • All-time, Preseason: 6-9-0
  • All-time, Regular Custom Packers Jersey season: 26-14-0
  • All-time, Postseason: 1-2
  • Streaks: The Packers have won four of the past five meetings.
  • Last meeting, regular season: Nov. 28, 2016; Packers won, 27-13, Lincoln Financial Field


  • Mike McCarthy: 124-69-1, .642 (incl. 10-8 postseason); 12th NFL season
  • Doug Pederson: 7-9-0, .438; 2nd NFL season
  • Head to Head: McCarthy Leads, 1-0
  • vs. Opponent: McCarthy 5-2 vs. Eagles; Pederson 0-1 vs. Packers

MIKE McCARTHY…Is in his 12th year as the Packers’ 14th head coach.

  • Led the Packers to their eighth consecutive playoff appearance last season, tied for the third-longest streak in NFL history. Has also led the team to nine playoff appearances in the last 10 years (2007, 2009-16).
  • Ranks second in franchise history in total victories, trailing only Curly Lambeau.
  • Guided the Packers to top-10 finishes in scoring in eight straight seasons (2007-14), joining the Patriots as the only other team to accomplish the feat over that time; Packers finished first overall in scoring in 2014.
  • Reached the 100-win plateau faster than any active NFL head coach, needing just 155 games.
  • Joined Vince Lombardi and Mike Holmgren as the only coaches to guide the Packers to a Super Bowl title with a win over Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLV.

DOUG PEDERSON…Begins his second year as the Eagles’ 19th head coach.

  • Coached Eagles QB Carson Wentz as he set five Eagles rookie records in 2016, including pass attempts (607), passing yards (3,782) and passing touchdowns (16).
  • In Kansas City, coached Chiefs QB Alex Smith to the most wins by a starting quarterback in his first three years as the starter (30) in team history.
  • In his first coaching position, as the Eagles offensive quality control coach from 2009-10, Pederson helped an Eagles offense score 868 points in those two seasons, setting single-season franchise records for points score (429 in 2009 and 439 in 2010).
  • Played quarterback in the NFL for 12 years with Green Bay, Miami, Philadelphia and Cleveland.


  • The Packers swept the first nine contests in the series and won 16 of  18 from 1933-70.
  • En route to winning Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay beat the Eagles in Philadelphia twice with a 27-20 victory to open the season in Week 1 and a 21-16 win in the NFC Wild Card playoffs.
  • The Packers also defeated Philadelphia in Week 2 of the 1996 season, 39-13, as part of a 13-3 season that led to a Super Bowl XXXI victory.
  • The Eagles handed Hall of Fame head coach Vince Lombardi his only postseason defeat in the 1960 NFL Championship, 17-13.
  • Green Bay’s Week 12 matchup in Philadelphia in 2016 was the start of the club’s six consecutive wins to close out the regular season en route to the Packers’ NFC North title.Custom Dolphins Jersey

Packers G Jahri Evans is a Philadelphia native, attended Bloomsburg University (Pa.) and is part owner of the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League…Packers DT Mike Daniels is from Blackwood, N.J. …Packers LS Derek Hart is from Manheim, Pa. …Eagles LS Rick Lovato and CB Tay Glover-Wright each played the Packers…Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac held the same position for the Eagles from 1995-98…Eagles head coach Doug Pederson played quarterback for the Packers for eight seasons (1995-98, 2001-04), winning Super Bowl XXXI with Green Bay…Eagles safeties coach Tim Hauck played safety for the Packers from 1991-94…Eagles DT Beau Allen (2010-13), S Chris Maragos (2008-09) and rookie RB Corey Clement (2013-16) played at Wisconsin…Maragos is from Racine, Wis., and Eagles G Brandon Brooks attended Riverside University High School in Milwaukee…Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers coached for the USFL’s Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars from 1984-85…Philadelphia linebackers coach Ken Flajole was Green Bay’s defensive quality control coach in 1998…Packers president & chief executive officer Mark Murphy was Colgate’s athletic director in 1992 when Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was the school’s linebackers coach…Flajole coached in Seattle (2000-02) when Packers executive vice president, general manager & director of football operations Ted Thompson was the Seahawks’ vice president of football operations…Green Bay associate head coach/linebackers Winston Moss played in Seattle with Eagles defensive quality control/assistant defensive line coach Phillip Daniels (1996-97) and Hauck (1997)…Moss also coached Daniels in Seattle in 1998…Packers tight ends coach Brian Angelichio coached with Flajole and Philadelphia QBs coach John DeFilippo in Cleveland in 2015…Trgovac and DeFilippo are both from Youngstown, Ohio…Eagles RB LeGarrette Blount, DE Chris Long and Packers TE Martellus Bennett won a Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2016…Blount (2010-12) played in Tampa Bay while Angelichio (2012-13) and Alex Van Pelt (2010-11) were on the Buccaneers’ offensive coaching staff…Additionally, Van Pelt finished his playing career in 2003 in Buffalo, where he was a teammate of Eagles LS Jon Dorenbos, who was beginning his NFL career…DeFilippo coached with Capers in Carolina (1997) and secondary-safeties coach Darren Perry in Oakland (2007-08)…Eagles T Jason Peters was coached in Buffalo by Van Pelt (2005-08)…Capers was Carolina’s head coach when Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich played QB for the Panthers… Eagles QB Nick Foles, DE Chris Long (2008-15) and Packers TE Lance Kendricks were teammates with the Rams in 2015…Kendricks was with the Los Angeles Rams in 2016 while Eagles WRs coach Mike Groh was the  WRs coach/passing game coordinator…Groh also coached Bennett in Chicago from 2013-15…Bennett was a teammate of Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery for three seasons with the Bears…Evans and Philadelphia CB Patrick Robinson played together with  the New Orleans Saints…Philadelphia G/T Matt Tobin was Iowa teammates with Packers T Bryan Bulaga and DT Mike Daniels…Tobin was coached at Iowa by Green Bay offensive perimeter coach David Raih from 2010-12…Hauck and Raih coached together at UCLA in 2008… Eagles TE Zach Ertz played at Stanford with Packers RB Ty Montgomery, T Kyle Murphy and LB Blake Martinez…Barclay played at West Virginia with Eagles LB Najee Goode from 2008-11…Packers WR Jordy Nelson played at Kansas State from 2003-04 with Philadelphia RB Darren Sproles…At California, Packers TE Richard Rodgers played with Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks in 2011..Packers WR Trevor Davis played at California from 2014-15 with Eagles WR Bryce Treggs…Green Bay S Kentrell Brice played at Louisiana Tech with Eagles WR Paul Turner (2014-15)…Packers LB Reggie Gilbert and Eagles QB Nick Foles played at Arizona in 2011…Packers DT Letroy Guion and Eagles CB Patrick Robinson were members of the Florida State defense…Eagles G Chance Warmack and Packers S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix played at Alabama…Green Bay CB Kevin King and Philadelphia CB Sidney Jones were a part of Washington’s secondary together.

This is an abbreviated version of the Dope Sheet. Read the full version here (PDF)

Packers Hall of Fame hosting monthly ‘Custom Packers Jersey History Night’ starting Aug. 29

Event to feature guest speakers and various Packers historical Custom Packers Jersey topics, artifacts

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame will continue hosting the monthly Custom Patriots Jersey ‘History Night,’ which explore stories and artifacts from the Packers’ celebrated past.

Each event begins at 6 p.m. and features a guest speaker or historian
Men’s Nike Custom Made Miami Dolphins Elite Aqua Green Team Color NFL Jersey providing an in-depth presentation on the evolution of the Green Bay Packers through photographs, legends, artifacts and unique archived items.

In addition to the opportunity to learn about Packers history, the event attendees are also encouraged to explore the rest of the Hall of Fame
Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale following the presentations, with museum hours extended until 9 p.m. for each History Night.

Regular Hall of Fame admission rates apply for all guests attending the event. Space is limited, and tickets can be purchased online at

The topics for the currently scheduled History Nights Personalized Dolphins Jersey are:

• Tuesday, Aug. 29: Training Camp Traditions – Packers Training Camp traditions have been going strong for over 70 years. From Rockwood Lodge to the Hutson Center, from bicycles to tailgating, reminisce about what makes Custom Dolphins Jersey Training Camp so great with guest speaker and team historian Cliff Christl.Women’s Nike Custom Made Green Bay Packers Elite Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

• Tuesday, Sept. 26: Packers Tall Tales – Packers’ history is steeped in mythology. How does one separate fact from legend and lore? Let Packers team historian, Cliff Christl, set the record straight.

• Wednesday, Oct. 25: Growing the Gridiron – How does the grass stay green at Lambeau Field? Fields manager Allen Johnson will explain the history of the field and how he and his team keep Custom Dolphins Jersey the unique turf in playing condition.

• Tuesday, Nov. 28: Home for the Holidays – Celebrate with the Packers Hall of Fame and relive some of the team’s best holiday games.


The preseason games are getting Men’s Nike Custom Made Miami Dolphins Elite Aqua Green Team Color NFL Jersey closer

Competition isn’t always wearing the same uniform

Dan from Herriman, UT

Mike or Wes, give us one takeaway that stood out for you at Family Night.

I’ll give you a couple. Neither Randall Cobb nor Richard Rodgers should be forgotten in this offense, and no, I’m not worried about Crosby.

Caleb from Shawano, WI

So what, from a fan’s perspective, should we be excited for following Family Night?Men’s Nike Custom Made Miami Dolphins Elite Aqua Green Team Color NFL Jersey.

That we’re getting closer to the preseason games, when we’ll start seeing the young talent truly separate itself and provide more legitimacy to the roster bids.

Simon from Mountain View, CA

Wes got it wrong for Matt from Greensboro, NC. If the defender walks the receiver out of bounds it’s not a catch. It used to be when we had the force-out rule, but that one came off the books a few years ago. Mike don’t let Wes drag your name through the mud like that.

No, Wes got it right. The language of the adjusted force-out rule stipulates that if a receiver is “caught” and “walked” out of bounds (which were the words used by the questioner), rather than simply hit or pushed, it’s a catch. Rule 8, Section 1, Article 4, Item 6 addresses being “carried out of bounds.”

Carrie from San Jose, CA

Playing all future Super Bowls indoors to create “perfect conditions” sounds like a great plan to me. After all, it’s not like an indoor stadium has ever had a 34-minute break in the third quarter because of a power outage or anything.Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale.

Nicely done.

Michael from Waukesha, WI

Kurt Warner and Terrell Davis are the latest inductees for the Hall of Fame. These players didn’t fill up the stat sheet over their careers, but when they were at their peak, they were unstoppable. Sterling Sharpe comes to mind in that regard. He accumulated over 8,000 receiving yards and 65 touchdowns over the span of seven seasons. He had five Pro Bowl appearances and was a three-time All-Pro. He even won the Triple Crown in 1992 by leading in every statistical category for wide receivers that year. Jerry Rice and Steve Smith Sr. are the only modern receivers to accomplish that feat. Although his career was brief, he was absolutely dominant. So what exactly is holding him back from being a finalist?

It’s still the shortened career. Gale Sayers used to be the gold (jacket) standard for Custom Packers Jersey players with relatively short but impressive careers. I don’t put Warner in the same category, because I think his body of work changed when he led a second team to a Super Bowl for a third career appearance. But Davis’ induction is the proverbial can of worms that will lead to more reconsiderations, including Sharpe. What I think differentiates Davis, though, is his postseason dominance, which Sharpe doesn’t have. Davis was, hands down, the biggest reason the Broncos won two Super Bowls. His playoff stats are outrageous. Without those, I don’t think Davis would ever have been a serious candidate. Others trying to piggyback off of him to get in will still have a hard time, I believe, without the postseason accomplishments.

Scott from Palatine, IL

Loved Morten Andersen’s Hall of Fame speech. Any that particularly struck you, from this year or years past?

Last year I was in Canton covering Favre. According to those with far more exposure to the ceremony over the years, his speech was one for the ages, so I consider myself lucky.

Travis from Fort Walton Beach, FL

Insiders, has the CBA ever considered initiating a max salary in addition to the minimum salary? Just as a thought experiment, I considered if the next CBA declared no player shall be paid more than 20 percent of the team salary cap. I imagine owners would be happy with it, since QB salaries are running away, and most non-HOF QB players would in turn see a rise in their expected salary as a result, and therefore would vote for it. I still can’t decide – would an Personalized Patriots Jersey altered salary distribution affect the NFL’s quality of product?

I don’t see a need for a cap within the cap, and I don’t see the union agreeing to it, because top salaries at all positions set the market for everyone else. No player is going to want his market artificially deflated. Moreover, if some team wants to spend gonzo money, percentage-wise, on a quarterback and try to make it work, why stop it? A regulation would limit the advantage better-managed teams possess.

Johnny from Oakdale, MN

The team seems as deep as it has been in years. On that, was wondering where you think our least amount of depth is? At least so far in camp.

It’s still pass rusher, but hopefully Biegel will be out there soon.

Joe from Pittsburgh, PA

Outside of the obvious answer of Jerry Kramer, who do you believe is the most glaring omission from the Hall of Fame? I go with Kenny Anderson. If he wins that Super Bowl against Montana, I think he’s already in.

I agree. Vic and I talked about this a lot, because Super Bowl XVI took place when I was really starting to get into football. Another reader, Tom from AZ, wrote in earlier this week about the 1981 49ers defense, how it was filled with young guys in the secondary and put up that momentous goal-line stand in the Super Bowl. Vic still maintains if Pete Johnson gains six more inches, Anderson is a Hall of Famer. Hard to argue.

Josh from Oshkosh, WI

A couple weeks ago, Brett from Kiln, MS, sent in a question about participating in the Inbox. Did nobody else notice that? Was that just bologna (but I don’t mean bologna)?

I don’t know. Haven’t heard from him since. You tell me.

Derrick from Randolph, NJ

Happy to see I’m not the only person who has such admiration for Joe Whitt in the Insider Inbox. He gives the most straightforward answers out of any coach when asked a question during interviews. No tip-toeing or side-stepping. That’s why I have the most trust and respect in his responses. Sounds like “Q” really went to work this offseason and that makes me excited for what our corners can bring to the table this year. It also sounds like all the corners buy into what he’s saying. What kind of coach is Joe on the field? Is he calm, cool and collected, or in the face of the players?

He’s a stickler for details. That’s the best way I can put it. When he’s doing fundamental drills with the players, he points out the slightest flaw in their footwork, body posture, head position, eye angle, anything. The players know he’s demanding, but they also appreciate a straight shooter. He’s as up front with his players as he is with the media.

Tyler from Stratford, WI

We’ve heard a lot about the en vogue S/ILB hybrid position this camp and how well Burnett and Jones have looked so far in that role. Lost in all of that is the play of our traditional ILBs. Martinez was a big talking point of camp last season and this year we’ve hardly heard anything about him. Does he appear to have made that second-year leap at all? How has the rest of the room (Ryan, Thomas) looked?

The inside linebackers look fine, but I’m not passing judgment on anyone’s second-year jump until the real games start. Here’s something I think got lost last year. Jake Ryan went down on the opening punt of the Titans game, and that day and the following week without him the Packers gave up 305 total rushing yards, their two worst performances of the season against the run aside from Dallas in Week 5.

Mike from Kenosha, WI

At their new stadium, the Falcons have opted to price their concessions between $2-$5, far below other entertainment venues and making it much more affordable for families. Would the Packers ever consider adopting a concession-pricing model similar to the Falcons?

I don’t know if it’s ever been discussed. I read that non-club seats in Atlanta’s new stadium went up, depending on location, by percentages of 10, 29, 33, 34, 43 and 58, not including PSLs. Given that, the concession change is a nice gesture.

Ralph from Bethany, OK

Interesting, Ted Thompson signed a tight end and not a punter, for a little more competition. Any reason why?

Beau Sandland’s knee injury may have been a factor. But trust me, Justin Vogel has plenty of competition. It’s just not wearing the same uniform.

Tinger from Red Wing, MN

Why don’t the Packers wear the all-green ’50s style for a throwback uniform? I grow tired of “Green Bay” wearing blue.

I like the tribute to the Lambeau era, but Personalized Packers Jersey once per season is enough.

Jeremy from Redding, CA

Would you guys please do me a favor and stop having so much fun with the “Three Things Custom Patriots Jersey” videos and at least pretend to be professionals? In all seriousness though, love them and keep up the good work. How much would it cost to get a third microphone for you guys? Maybe it’s better to keep it at two just for the increased awkwardness it brings.

We like awkward, as well as giving people something to complain about.

Aaron from Seattle, WA

David Bakhtiari walking in front of you guys in the “Three Things” video was gold.

He photo-bombed us once last year from behind. This year was classic Dave. You never know.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

Where was Larry on Family Night?

Working on the WTMJ broadcast. He’ll be back on the sidelines at practice with us today.

JD from Evansville, IN

Mike, tell me about Brent Hundley. I’ve always thought of him as a very interesting pick. How good can he be?

I think Hundley has a bright future in the NFL. I really like the zip I’ve seen on his passes, and he’s improved leaps and bounds with back-shoulder throws and with his accuracy when rolling to his left.

Josh from Salem, OR

I haven’t heard a whole lot yet on the play of Clay Matthews at camp/practice. I’m really pulling for Clay to have a breakthrCustom Dolphins Jerseyough season as compared to last. I hate seeing people say he is overrated. How has he looked coming from someone who sees him at practice? How do you think he will do this year?

Matthews has looked fine. He’s a veteran pacing himself to prepare for the season, like all veterans do. No disrespect to Daniels and Perry, but if Matthews stays healthy, he’s this defense’s biggest difference-maker in the front seven.

Bart from Point Roberts, WA

Many promising comments about our DBs so far. Haven’t really heard too much about Kevin King. Is he making the transition to the pro game in your opinion, and has Rodgers thrown his way more to see what he has?

The physical tools are obvious. He’s a different body type at corner than the Packers have had in my time here. All I can say is I want to see more. He got a taste of what he’ll have to prepare for weekly in the NFL on Thursday night, matched up against Nelson for an entire two-minute drill. That’s invaluable for a player in his position. He’s just getting started.

Adam from Rochester, NY

Wait, so they want to quicken the pace of game but then add 20 seconds to every TV timeout? Having their cake and eating it too?

They’re not really quickening the pace of the game. They’re changing the flow of the commercials. There will be fewer breaks, but each one will be a tad longer. I think it’s a good move. The best move is eliminating the TD-ad-kickoff-ad sequence. Finally.

Scott from Boring, OR

I think the Pack is ready to take what it wants.

That’s a nice-sounding Vic-ism, but I’ve covered McCarthy’s entire head-coaching career, and his offense has never operated that way. It’s a best-available-play, find-the-best-matchup mentality. At times, Rodgers is the guy who tries to take what he wants, but he picks his spots.

Nathan from Oconomowoc, WI

I understand that everyone in a decision-making position in this league knows more than me about the NFL and the sport. However, I can’t help but think I know that I’d rather watch the snap from the camera behind the QB. Watching from the sideline, you see runs and the OL vs DL. This made sense when the league was run-first, but now it’s pass-first. I want to be able to see the receivers getting separation and know who’s open. What’s stopping the broadcast from showing us some plays from the QB’s perspective on the floating camera behind the QB instead of only being used for replays?

As someone who watches all-22 film, that floating camera behind the QB would have to be back quite a ways to be able to show the receivers and DBs who are split wide. But maybe it’s worth more experimenting.

Paul from Beaver Dam, WI

Spoff, how come Wes answers more questions than you?

Because he’s young, and a show-off.



Packers transition to Personalized Vikings Jersey preseason mode

Practices will be about preparing for opponents now

GREEN BAY — This is transition week for the Packers in training camp.

With the playbook installation completed Saturday during Family Night, the Custom Vikings Jersey Packers will begin preparing for their first preseason opponent on Monday. The Philadelphia Eagles visit Lambeau Field on Thursday night.

“You direct the game plan toward everybody that’s playing,” McCarthy said. “You have a general idea of what your opponent is going to do based on last year, but they’ve obviously gone Personalized Vikings Jersey through an offseason and may change direction. It’s to give our guys an idea of what they’re going against.

“This is starting the process of preparing for a football game.”

Practices will feature periods with either the offense or defense running scout-team looks, or opponent plays. Whichever side is running the scout team, an assistant coach will hold up a diagrammed card in the huddle so the players know their formation and assignment to give Personalized Jaguars Jersey their teammates the best possible imitation of the opponent.

Film from Family Night was studied and reviewed with the players on Custom Jaguars Jersey Monday morning. McCarthy said fourth-year TE Richard Rodgers, who had a productive practice, is having his best training camp to date.

Regarding the rough night for K Mason Josh Donaldson Jersey For Sale Crosby and the field-goal operation, McCarthy said “it wasn’t just one thing.”

“This is why we’re in training camp,” he said. “The most important thing is it’s excellent video.”

On the injury front, McCarthy said rookie LB Vince Biegel has not yet been cleared to practice. will have more following practice and locker room interviews.


Mason Crosby:Personalized Vikings Jersey ‘I just have to trust and go’

Vince Biegel learning everything he can while sidelined

GREEN BAY – Family Night was not good for the Packers’ field-goal operation, and Week 1 of the preseason will be about cleaning it up.

Veteran kicker Mason Crosby missed six of 11 field-goal tries on Saturday night, all from long but makeable distances.

The struggles seemingly Custom Jaguars Jersey came Josh Donaldson Jersey For Sale out of nowhere, as Crosby – working with two rookies in snapper Derek Hart and punter/holder Justin Vogel – had made 22 of 23 attempts in live periods through the first week of training camp.

Crosby suggested the issues that cropped up on Saturday night weren’t Personalized Vikings Jersey necessarily new, though, but ones the trio had “gotten away with” in prior practices. Without revealing too many specifics, Crosby mentioned placement of the laces and overall timing were off, and then things “snowballed.”

“It got out of sync there on Saturday night,” Crosby said. “Unfortunately it’s there in the stadium and everyone weighs it a little heavier, Custom Vikings Jersey but ultimately for me, for my preparation, it’s just another practice.

“I look at those reps as something to learn from and move on. We talked about that today – if we don’t improve off of this and use it as a tool to get better, then it’s a loss.”

Family Night was the first NFL outing in front of a big crowd for Hart and Vogel, two undrafted rookies trying to make a pro roster. Despite no direct head-to-head competition in camp, their spots are by no means secure, regardless of the field-goal issues on Saturday night.

How they respond with the pressure and scrutiny cranked up a bit will be watched closely. Tuesday’s practice will feature another live field-goal period, and then Thursday’s preseason opener will be back in Lambeau Field under the lights in front of a full house.Men’s Nike Custom Made Jacksonville Jaguars Elite Team Color Teal Green NFL Jersey.

For Crosby’s sake, the veteran kicker said “I just have to trust and go,” and not get distracted by the details, or the situation in general. He was blessed with the same snapper-holder combination of Brett Goode and Tim
Personalized Jaguars Jersey Masthay for six straight years (2010-15) before a change at holder with punter Jake Schum last season.

That transition went smoothly, but this is a much larger adjustment.

“We don’t have a lot of time before we play a game, so we have to be sharp, and we all have to be better than that,” Crosby said. “Regardless of where
Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Majestic White Flex Base 40th Anniversary Patch Jersey the laces are and what not, I have to try to knock it through.”

Still waiting: Rookie outside linebacker Vince Biegel, a fourth-round draft pick out of Wisconsin, is still waiting for medical clearance to practice after offseason foot surgery.

Biegel participated in the Packers’ rookie orientation in early May, one week after the draft, but had the surgery shortly thereafter. He’s been in all the meetings and doing everything off the field with the rest of the team, but come practice time he goes into rehab mode.

“I’m definitely not a patient person at heart, but I’ve grown a lot from this experience,” said Biegel, who did not provide a timetable for his potential return. “I’ve been able to attack other things in my game.
Youth Nike Custom Made Minnesota Vikings Elite Purple Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap.

“I’ve been able to learn from guys like Clay (Matthews), keep my nose in the playbook, and watch a lot of film, so when I step on the field there’s no hiccups. I can understand my responsibility and go fly around out there.”

Renewed focus paying dividends for WR Yancey