Fans sound ready for football

Annual shareholders’ meeting an unofficial kickoff to new Packers season

GREEN BAY – Football is almost back, and the fans sound ready for it.

It could be heard in the moments cheers went up from roughly 7,000  Custom Titans Jersey shareholders who attended “the most unique business meeting in the entire United States,” as Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy likes to
Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale say.

On a comfortable, sun-splashed Monday at Lambeau Field, the fans were treated multiple times to the highlight of the thrilling playoff finish in Dallas last January, and each time Custom Redskins Jersey they saw Mason Crosby’s kick sail through the uprights, they got louder.

Every time receiver Jordy Nelson and his various comeback player of the year honors were mentioned, the cheers got louder, too.

“I was told all I had to do was say ‘Aaron Rodgers’ and you guys would clap,” General Manager Ted Thompson quipped during his football report.

The volume of 7,000 doesn’t compare to 70,000-plus, of course, but the fans still obliged on the day that unofficially kicks off the new season. The first training-camp practice is still three mornings away, but the anticipation of what’s to come is certainly in the air.

How else to explain the audible applause when Thompson mentioned the offense’s two new tight ends, Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks, players only a handful of fans were able to see practice during OTAs earlier this spring.

Or how about the loudest ovation of all? During Thompson’s review of the 2017 draft class, the picture of Wisconsin native and alum Vince Biegel sent a jolt of energy through the modest gathering, even with no knowledge yet whether Biegel’s foot injury will allow him to begin training camp on time.
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The notable negative reaction came when Murphy mentioned the Packers and Lambeau Field ranking No. 2 in the league in stadium Personalized Redskins Jersey experience, with the new No. 1 being Seattle. The boos were immediate, and the Seahawks happen to be the first regular-season opponent in less than two months.

Yeah, the fans want to get this going.

They sat through the annual review of financial numbers and committee reports, important pieces all to the full scope of the operation, but they don’t dream about spreadsheets and graphs, they dream about Super Bowls.
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Murphy had their full attention when he noted this season’s Super Bowl will be in Minneapolis, just a short drive away. He then digressed into a cogent explanation of why Green Bay can’t host the league’s annual title tilt – available hotel rooms and weather concerns the legitimate logistical hurdles – but kept them thinking of the next best thing.

“We want to host every NFC Championship we can into the future,” Murphy said.

That’s a meaningful target for 2017, and it jibes with Rodgers’ postgame comments last January Custom Buccaneers Jersey in Atlanta, when the Packers came up one game short Personalized Titans Jersey for the second time in three years.

The playoff cold seemed a long way off on an 80-degree summer Monday, but it didn’t sound as if the fans would mind it being right around the corner.

“The Packers are the envy of every team in the league for the fan support we get,” Murphy said, referencing the terms “unprecedented” and “unparalleled” to describe the fan base.

Added Thompson: “Nothing compares to the support given to the Green Bay Packers, and we’ll never take your loyalty for granted.”

Now they want it rewarded with the ultimate, and though the new season comes with no assurances or guarantees, they’re ready to get it started.

Can’t blame ’em.

Packers will wear color-rush Custom Buccaneers Jersey uniform at home vs. Bears

GREEN BAY – The Custom Buccaneers Jersey Packers will again don their all-white color-rush uniforms during their Thursday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 28, President/CEO Mark Murphy said Monday.

The Packers unveiled the uniforms during last year’s Week 7 game against the Bears, which resulted in a 26-10 victory at Lambeau Field. The uniform consists of the Packers’ regular road jersey with matching white pants. It’ll be worn for only one game this season.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

The NFL began using Custom Titans Jersey color-rush uniforms on Thursday night games in 2015 on an optional basis before becoming mandatory last season.

Personalized Titans Jersey Prior to 2016, the last time the Packers wore their traditional Personalized Redskins Jersey white jersey for a game at Lambeau Field is believed to be on Sept. 17, 1989, for a game against Custom Redskins Jersey New Orleans. Green Bay wore its regular gold pants that
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The ties that bind us together

Anything is possible with this Packers defense

Dan from Golden, CO

I’ve taken a much-needed break from the Packers and football in general over the past two months. Can you please summarize what I’ve missed on the Insiders articles?

Ty Montgomery kept his No. 88 and yet people continued to ask about a potential switch to the point it became a running joke, fans still haven’t gotten over Seattle, and overtime rules are complicated. And oh, Vic retired.

Tal from Ascot, UK

I understand how an inside rush helps an outside rush, and how an outside rush helps a secondary, and how a secondary helps the pass rush. But how do the inside linebackers fit into all of this, or is it that the ILBs sort themselves out by themselves?

It’s probably somewhere in between rushing and coverage depending on the call. A lot of it is reaction and timing. From a blitzing standpoint, you saw the impact Clay Matthews can have on the game from the inside linebacker position. However, there are several ways to make an impact depending on the player’s skill set.

Chris from Fort Bragg, NC

Regarding the behind-the-scenes: I am also very interested in the operation. I’ll take anything you’d like to share.

I’d just like to add Mike is a saint for dealing with me on the road. I get motion sickness writing in vehicles, so Spoff takes the lead in banging out our game story and editorial in quick succession. He also edits my sidebar and notebook once we’re on the plane. He never complains. At least to my face.

Carly from St. Joseph, MI

Since there are a few weeks of Sundays without football left, I took the opportunity to binge-watch “Last Chance U” on Netflix. What’s the Insiders’ opinions on the show and JUCO ball in general? Do these kids ever make it?

All the time. Probably one of the greatest success Personalized Redskins Jersey stories is Aaron Rodgers. Damarious Randall, Geronimo Allison, Devante Mays and Desmond Bishop also came through the JUCO system. All of these players have their own stories and reasons for traveling the path they did, but I think it’s a great system. It creates opportunity.

Terry from Junction City, WI

Mike, you said, “I’m not saying I don’t react at all, but I have to keep the reaction to myself.” I’m just curious about press box reactions: Does the “press box” react when they see a “redunkulous” run-catch-throw-tackle-interception-sack on the field, based on the play, not the team? An example I can think of is when No. 12 throws another successful Hail Mary when EVERYONE in the stadium knows it’s coming?

I’ve mentioned this here before, but the only time I can remember having an audible reaction was the Hail Mary in Detroit. I literally said, “You gotta be (expletive) kidding me?” I then proceeded to toss my laptop in the garbage with my 1,000-word running game story about how the Packers’ season was at a crossroads. Yet another reminder it’s never over with
Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale Rodgers under center.

Michael from Santa Cruz, CA

I’ve convinced myself that the secondary has a real chance to flip from a liability to a strength in one offseason. The safeties collectively are one of the best groups in the league. Randall is made for the slot corner position and will (hopefully) be healthier. House helps to stabilize things. While I hate to put this on the rookie, I think the key will be Kevin King. If he can hold up in man coverage from Day 1 and improve as the season progresses then I’m actually sanguine about our secondary this season.

It’s going to be a big training camp for King after he missed 90 percent of the offseason program. History has shown rookie cornerbacks will play in this defense. I don’t know when that moment will be, but King needs to be ready. Once King reports, it’s Joe Whitt Jr.’s job to help him get there. Few cornerback coaches have a better track record of getting young players up to speed than Whitt.

Jesse from Fayetteville, NC

Do you think Packer fans are starting to become a little fair-weather? Does the impatience come from the expectation of all or nothing? Boos at Lambeau are embarrassing and in my opinion not necessary. We are one playoff berth
Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale away from tying the all-time record. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

I wouldn’t go that far. It’s only natural to want your team to win. At the same time, I made my feelings known about the booing last year. I don’t think it accomplishes anything.

Rob from Buckinghamshire, UK

My bold prediction: Packers will have no players with more than 1,500 all-purpose yards. However, we will have four with more than 1,000, and three more with at least 500. What’s your bold prediction?

The Packers will have an edge-rusher not named Nick Perry or Clay Matthews finish with at least five sacks.

David from Madison, WI

A recent article discussed Ron Wolf giving Driver a fourth-round grade out of Alcorn State, and neglecting to draft him based on his grade “because we didn’t need a wide receiver.” Such heresy!

That’s what Wolf said happened. I think we’re going to have to take him at his word. The Packers were pretty stacked at receiver with Antonio Freeman, a young Bill Schroeder, Corey Bradford and Mark Chmura. Also, Robert Brooks still was on the roster at the time. He didn’t announce his retirement until August.

Mac from Vero Beach, FL

If the Packers beat the Seahawks and Falcons in the first two games, are they on their way to the Super Bowl?

If the Packers beat Seattle and Atlanta in their first two games, it means they’re 2-0 and in prime position to get off to the fast start Rodgers has been talking about. You don’t win Super Bowls in September, but you definitely can help your chances.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

I love the explanation of how rush and cover play off of each other. There are 11 battles happening on pretty much every play. Sometimes the team can win 10 of the 11 battles and lose the war.

That’s what makes the game so beautiful. One small part of that big equation can heavily influence Personalized Titans Jersey the outcome of a game and a season.

Matt from Bloomington, IN

I think the color-rush all-white jerseys should only be used in prime time. They looked so sharp under the lights. No need to wear them during the day.

Luckily for you the color-rush uniforms once again will be worn during the Packers’ Thursday night game against Chicago in Week 4. I’m with you, though. I thought they looked sharp under the lights.

Josj from Fargo, ND

I’m going to the Custom Redskins Jersey Oct. 22 game against the Saints. What are some fun things to do/sights to see around the stadium and area the day before a home game? What about morning of the game?

Whatever you do on gameday, make time to stop by the Johnsonville Tailgate Village. I had a chance to check it out last week. I was in awe. It is incredible.

Robert from Harris, MN

Would it be fair to say you must “sacrifice” your fandom so we may more readily enjoy ours?

I’d agree with that. Drew Olson has such a great quote about sportswriters. Paraphrasing, Drew argues we’re largely desensitized to cheering for or against a team. When a writer is on deadline, it’s all about the story and getting the readers the most up-to-date information as quickly as possible. At least, that’s my objective.

Jessi from Sterling, KS

I wanted to share something with the Insiders that happened last month. I came out of a store with my bags in hand and while walking up to my Packer car (every side has something Packers on it, including my license plate that says GOPACKR) I see a note sticking out by my driver’s side door. I read it and it said, “Yeah Packers! Bonduel, WI” with a big smiley face on it. Just in case that person reads the Insiders, I wanted to let them know that it made my day! I saved the note and it’s on my visor in my car. It’s one of the things I love about the Packers, you can find fellow fan family anywhere!

The ties that bind us together. It never ceases to amaze me when I see a Packers fan far outside the state of Wisconsin. In fact, I was at a county fair in Eureka, Calif., last month when I came across a man in a Packers T-shirt. 

Paul from Nevada City, CA

Wes, you touched off a recurring irritation for me (and likely ALL mathematicians)! It is FACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to give more than 100 percent – so why do you and others speak to more than that limitation? I have no problem with a player giving 100 percent, which is expected at this level – BUT DOES “110 PERCENT OR MORE” MEAN HE WAS SLACKING BEFORE THEN BY DEFINITION?

I’m sorry. I meant to say players need to be ready to give 1,100 percent in training camp. Simple mix-up.

Paul from Ellensburg, WA

At the draft a lot of people predicted we would get T.J. Watt, but I had a feeling we’d grab Takk McKinley until Atlanta jumped us to snag him. Now I’m weirdly fixated on his career to see what could have been. Who are some draft prospects recently or otherwise that you felt the same about?

Ryan Shazier. I thought he’d be perfect for the Packers’ defense in 2014. Fortunately for Green Bay, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix hasn’t been too shabby. On a personal level, I’ve always liked Shazier’s game.

Dave from Germantown, TN

Do you see the Packers on third-and-long lining up with seven defensive backs? Burnett and Jones would take the inside linebacker spots, King and House are the boundary corners, Randall and Rollins are in the slots with Clinton-Dix playing centerfield.

Anything is possible with this defense, which was the point of every move the Packers made this offseason. Dom Capers and his coaches have a plan in place for how they’re going to put all these defensive backs to use. We won’t know what that entails until we see it in action, but I’m excited to see what they draw up.

Chris from Providence, RI

How could you forget Lil Wayne on the list of celebrity Packers fans? Shame!

There was a prerequisite for the photo gallery. The celebrities need to be following the Packers’ Twitter account to be included. If Mr. Wayne would like to follow, we’d certainly be happy to include him in future galleries.

Lonny from Aberdeen, SD

Martellus Bennett said on Twitter he’s working on getting his uniform number changed, presumably out of deference to Donald Driver, who was just inducted into Green Bay’s team hall of fame. I’d like to suggest he take Ty Montgomery’s No. 88, which he wore in New England, so we can start the Montgomery number fun all over again!

Such a scenario might break me. I’d never hear the end of it.

Marc from Bloomsburg, PA

In Monday’s mailbox the future prediction quote was attributed to Yogi Berra. While it seems like a classic Yogism, the actual quotation, “Prediction is difficult particularly when it involves the future,” was uttered by the nuclear physicist Niels Bohr. It does show that Yogi was correct when he said, “I’ve never said half the things I’ve said.”

Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

Jeff from Miami, FL

The Chuck Todd video clip (born in Miami, Fla.) again shows how widespread the popularity of this team reaches. How many states and countries have sent in questions to your Inbox?

All of them. Seriously.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

I’m bringing my boy to a training camp practice. He wants Personalized Buccaneers Jersey to get an autograph. Any tips?

I’d stick close to Nitschke Field. That’s usually the best spot to catch an autograph or two before or after practice.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey Biff, tell us a story from back in the day when you were a college student. Any good pranks pulled on other students in the dorm?

I lived at home. Ma Hod isn’t a prankster.

Paul from Farnborough, UK

Is there an official cut-off point where we can no longer mention Vic’s name in this column?

Vic and this column are synonymous. You can’t talk about one without mentioning the other.

Randy from Medicine Hat, Canada

Until you guys change your ways, I predict you are in for many more Custom Titans Jersey references to Vic in this column. You have to become more curmudgeon-like.

I Googled to see whether there actually was a Medicine Hat, Canada. You learn something new every day.



Could Lambeau Field, Titletown District package lure NFL Draft?

Packers have applied to host draft in 2019, ’20 and ’21

GREEN BAY – With sights set on hosting the NFL Draft, Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy believes the organization may have the right package to make Green Bay a possible destination for the event.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

In making the decision to move forward with the development of the Titletown District on Lambeau Field’s west side, the Packers saw the venture as an investment in the Green Bay community.

As the project has moved from concept to reality, Murphy and the organization began looking into the prospects of potentially hosting the now mobile NFL Draft, which was held in Philadelphia this past year.

The Packers previously have applied to host the NFL Draft in 2019, 2020 and 2021. With a decision expected soon on the location of the 2018 draft, it’s likely the final plans for the 2019 location would come a year from now.

While Murphy admits the NFLs’Personalized Redskins Jersey smallest market is competing with every NFL city for the honors, the Packers are selling the league on their rich history and booming stadium district as a unique change-of-pace for the event.

“I think a lot of it depends on what the league wants to accomplish with the  Custom Titans Jersey draft,” Murphy said on Monday. “I think in addition to Titletown and Lambeau Field itself … the changes we’ve made here with the Hall of Fame and the restaurant (could help).

“It’s such a destination for football fans across the world that I think having the draft here – I don’t want to put the odds on it – but I think
Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale (we can) make a strong case to the league.”

Murphy has suggested in the past that the 2019 NFL Draft could be an interesting option considering it would mark the franchise’s 100-year anniversary and the Titletown District would be fully operational by then.

The area’s three landmarks – Hinterland Brewery, Lodge Kohler, and Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics – will all be up and running following Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting at Bellin’s state-of-the art facility.

Phase 2 of the development began earlier this year with the construction of a sledding hill and ice-skating rink, which will be followed by the construction of a full-length artificial grass field and play areas meant to replicate combine drills.

“To me, there would be some real advantages to the league having a draft here with our history and tradition,” Murphy said. “Some of the things we’ve been able to do in the smallest market reflects really well of the league in my mind.”

The driving force behind the Titletown District was to invest in the community and find more ways to ensure the Packers will remain a fixture in Green Bay for the decades to come.

The franchise’s portfolio is strong as it’s ever been, but Murphy has seen firsthand how the tides can change depending on revenue, the collective-bargaining agreement, and the number of new stadiums popping up throughout the NFL.

“As we see it now, it really doesn’t appear to be any concern or risk of us leaving,” Murphy said. “I think we really have Personalized Buccaneers Jersey to be forward-thinking (for) when the time comes that maybe we have a CBA where there’s no salary cap, or revenue sharing is changed. The league, it changes pretty rapidly.

“I think the investment in Titletown will be a very good one long-term for the organization.”

The primary goal of the Titletown District has been to attract visitors to Green Bay who might not otherwise travel to the area and give locals more options they haven’t had before.

It’s all part of the big picture the Packers have painted over the past few years. While the team continues to win on the field, the organization continues to look for ways to expand off of it.

“As I view Titletown, I think it’s probably the biggest investment we’ll make in this community,” Murphy said. “As a community-owned team, we really have two main goals – No. 1 is to win Super Bowls, and every team has that same goal – but with our ownership structure, for us the other top priority Custom Redskins Jersey is making sure we stay in Green Bay.

“I think investing in the community with the way we are in Titletown really helps ensure this team will stay here. Over the long run, Green Bay will have a strong enough economic base that it’ll continue to support an NFL team.”

Packers preparing for Monday’s Custom Buccaneers Jersey Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The event will be held rain or shine


** Stream the Shareholders Meeting live **

The Packers are preparing for several thousand Green Bay Packers Shareholders Personalized Titans Jersey and guests who have requested tickets for the organization’s Annual Meeting, set for Monday, July 24, at 11 a.m. at Lambeau Field.

The event will be held rain or shine. Shareholders are reminded that parking lots and ticket windows open at 8 a.m. and gates to the stadium open at 9 a.m. The Atrium is open only to shareholders and ticketed Custom Titans Jersey guests until 2 p.m., when the facility Custom Redskins Jersey opens to the general public.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

The Miller Lite Gate at the north end of the stadium and the Oneida Nation Gate and American Family Insurance Gate on the stadium’s east side will be open for entrance to the meeting. Persons needing wheelchair positions will Custom Buccaneers Jersey be located in wheelchair seating areas on the east side of the stadium. Shareholders that require the use of a wheelchair are asked to bring their own.

Parking will be free in the Lambeau Field lot, which is expected to fill up early. Limited ADA parking is available as well. Shareholders parking on neighborhood streets are reminded to follow the posted signs and normal regulations. Neighboring residents and businesses may be offering parking as well.Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Before or after the meeting, Shareholders are encouraged to visit the Shareholder Services desk in the Atrium or the ticket office near the Miller Lite Gate to update their contact information, if it has changed.

Attendees on Monday also can visit the Atrium restaurant 1919 Kitchen & Tap, which will serve a limited breakfast menu from 9 to 11 a.m., and the regular menu from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Packers Pro Shop will also be open, and a Pro Shop kiosk will sell Shareholders merchandise on the main floor of the Atrium beginning at 9 a.m. Also open for shareholders will be the Packers Hall of Fame, located on the main floor of the Atrium.

Those in town on Sunday are invited to attend Shareholders: A Story of Resilience, Community and Pride, which features a panel discussion with Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy, former president/CEO Bob Harlan and team historian Cliff Christl. The event is at 3 p.m. in the Legends Club in the Lambeau Field Atrium, and tickets can be purchased at

The Packers are providing an exclusive webcast of the meeting for those shareholders who are unable to attend. The webcast can be accessed online. Username and password details were provided to Shareholders in the
Youth Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nike Customized New Elite Red Team Color Jersey
information section of the Shareholder proxy statement. The live webcast will be available on most computers and mobile devices, including Apple iOS devices.

In addition to attending the meeting at Lambeau Field, Shareholders and their guests are encouraged to visit the Green Bay area’s many attractions. Those wishing to visit downtown Green Bay may take advantage of the Personalized Redskins Jersey free G-Line bus route, which travels from Titletown and Lambeau Field to downtown, where fans can see the Packers Heritage Trail. A Packers Heritage Trail Trolley Tour is an option, too. A host of other area attractions is available online at .

More information on the meeting is available at

Countdown to Camp: Mason Custom Redskins Jersey Crosby remains the constant on special teams

Which specialists will join the Packers’ veteran kicker in 2017?

This is the eighth and final in a series of stories that has examined the Packers’ roster, position by position, leading up to training camp. The Custom Redskins Jersey series concludes with the specialists.

GREEN BAY – The stage couldn’t have been any bigger for Mason Crosby last January.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

The native Texan, performing in front of friends and family, made perhaps the two biggest kicks of his life against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Divisional playoff game.

In the final 1 minute and 38 seconds Custom Titans Jersey of regulation, Crosby drilled field goals from 56 and 51 yards to send the Packers to the NFC Championship Game for the second time in three years.

Crosby tied an NFL single-game postseason record with two made field goals of 50-plus yards, and they served as an exclamation point on a season that saw Crosby become the Packers’ all-time leading scorer (1,267 points).

Crosby, who’s entering his 11th NFL season, has made at least 80 percent of his field goals in five of his last six seasons.

While the Packers know who their kicker will be in 2017, they still have to sort out their two other specialists. At the moment, the Packers will take only one punter in Miami (Fla.) undrafted rookie Justin Vogel, and one long-snapper in James Madison’s Derek Hart, into training camp.Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

The Packers entered April with competition at both spots Personalized Buccaneers Jersey before incumbent punter Jake Schum and long-snapper Taybor Pepper were released midway through the offseason program.

Schum’s departure means the Packers will have a new punter and holder on field goals for the third consecutive season. Vogel knows he’ll need an impressive camp to ensure he’s the punter the Packers take into their season opener against Seattle on Sept. 10.

His college credentials are impressive. After transferring from Florida, Vogel was a three-year starter for the Hurricanes. He averaged a career-high r-high Custom Buccaneers Jersey 43.8 yards per punt as a senior, earning Vogel second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference honors last season.

Hart, who signed with the Packers on March 31, played 43 career games as a tight end and long-snapper at James Madison from 2012-15.

The situation also remains fluid on the Packers’ return teams. Ty Montgomery led the Packers with 18 kickoff returns for 366 yards last year, but his special-teams snaps shrunk as his role on offense grew throughout the year.

Veteran receiver Jeff Janis has returned 20 kickoffs, including three of more than 40 yards, for a 26.2-yard average in his first three NFL seasons.

The Packers also appear to have an opening on punt returns after Micah Hyde signed with Buffalo in free agency. Earlier in the season, fifth-round pick Trevor Davis averaged 12.8 yards on nine punt returns.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook also has Randall Cobb in his back pocket. The former Pro Bowl receiver handled the duties down the stretch last season, generating 54 yards on four returns.

QBs: All four have goals in mind
RBs: Competition with five rookies behind Ty Montgomery
WRs: After top  Personalized Redskins Jersey three, competition will be fierce
OL: Mixture of veterans and youth
DL: Mike Daniels leads defensive line
LBs: Nick Perry ready for encore
DBs: Strength in their safeties

Countdown to Camp: Packers find strength in their safeties

Deeper, healthier cornerbacks ready to turn the page

This is the seventh in a series of stories that’s examining the Packers’ roster, position by position, leading up to training camp. The series continues with the defensive backs.

GREEN BAY – Year after year, the seats keep filling up in Darren Perry’s safeties room.

As the demand grows for versatile defenders who can run with athletic tight ends and stand up to bulldozing running backs, the need for dynamic safeties continues to increase.

The Packers have managed to stay ahead of that curve with do-everything veteran Morgan Burnett and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix leading a strong contingent of prospects.

Burnett had arguably the best of his seven NFL seasons in 2016. The eighth-year safety not only played hybrid linebacker in the Packers’ nitro nickel package, but he also stepped up as a slot (and boundary) cornerback at times due to injury.

Burnett finished with a team-high 93 tackles, three sacks and two interceptions in 15 starts. Head Coach Mike McCarthy believes Burnett’s role only will continue to expand in 2017.

With Burnett playing more near the line of scrimmage, former first-round pick Clinton-Dix took his game – and leadership skills – to another level in centerfield.

Clinton-Dix, who played all 1,029 defensive snaps, earned his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections after recording 80 tackles, a team-high five interceptions and a Custom Buccaneers Jersey half sack. Once the season was over, the 24-year-old returned to Alabama to continue working toward his degree in criminal justice.

The Packers offset the loss of Micah Hyde in free agency with the addition of second-round pick Josh Jones, a 6-foot-2, 220-pound safety out of North Carolina State who many scouts believed could handle playing multiple positions in the NFL.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

Known for his physicality, Jones led the Wolfpack with 62 tackles, three interceptions and one sack in 13 starts last season.

The Packers also return a pair of undrafted free agents, Kentrell Brice and Marwin Evans, who saw extensive playing time on special teams in all 16 regular-season contests last year.

Brice, who’s known to pack a punch on the field, also played more than 200 defensive snaps at safety when Burnett lined up near the line of scrimmage in the dime sub-package.

Meanwhile, the Packers are looking to turn the page at cornerback after a trying 2016 season in which Sam Shields (concussion), Damarious Randall (groin), Quinten Rollins (groin) and Demetri Goodson (knee) missed time due to injury.
Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

General Manager Ted Thompson fortified the position this offseason in re-signing former fourth-round pick Davon House after a two-year stint in Jacksonville and using the first of the Packers’ two second-round picks on Washington cornerback Kevin King.

King missed most of the offseason program due to league rules prohibiting rookies reporting Personalized Titans Jersey until their school has dismissed for the summer. However, the 6-foot-3, 200-pound cornerback was able to keep up with the installations during FaceTime sessions with position coach Joe Whitt Jr.

House showed he’s willing to go to great lengths to be a veteran leader, whether it’s helping the rookie cornerbacks study the playbook at the team hotel or hitching an overnight ride to Green Bay from Minneapolis to be on time for OTAs.

Individually, House wants to prove he’s still the same cornerback who set a franchise record with 23 pass deflections and snagged a career-high four interceptions with Jacksonville in 2015.

The Packers also return their trio of third-year corners in Randall, Rollins and LaDarius Gunter, a former undrafted free agent who was praised by the coaching staff for how he responded to starting all but the season opener following Shields’ injury.

Randall and Rollins, who both underwent surgery for their injuries, were full participants in the Packers’ offseason program after training together in California this offseason.

Custom Titans Jersey Randall Custom Redskins Jersey was a fixture as the “star” slot cornerback in the nickel and dime defense this offseason, the same playmaking post Charles Woodson and Casey Hayward previously played.

The former first-round pick had four interceptions (including playoffs) just like his rookie season, but the groin issue that cost him six games hampered him even after his return. This offseason, he worked tirelessly to make sure he was “200 percent” going into 2017.

Two other undrafted rookie cornerbacks Personalized Buccaneers Jersey known for their speed and athleticism – Josh Hawkins and converted receiver Herb Waters – finished last year behind Gunter, Randall and Rollins on the active roster.

They’ll look to hold off four new college free agents – Lenzy Pipkins, Raysean Pringle, Daquan Holmes and Donatello Brown – in their quest to stick on the 53-man roster this year.

QBs: All four have goals in mind
RBs: Competition with five rookies behind Ty Montgomery
WRs: After top three, competition will be fierce
OL: Mixture of veterans and youth
DL: Mike Daniels leads defensive line
LBs: Nick Perry ready for encore

You better bring 110 Personalized Redskins Jersey percent to training camp

The fire burns in this secondary

Ben from Denver, CO

To Ron from Waukesha. So when House left a couple years ago, we “let him leave in free agency.” But when Hyde left this year, we “lost him to free agency.” You can’t have it both ways. House is back in a system where he enjoyed enough success that a team like the Jaguars gave him a nice contract. Give the guy a chance before you say he won’t be good for us. I, for one, love that he’s back.

It’s a perfect fit. House was born in this defense, his play style fits this defense and now he has the opportunity to show he belongs in this defense. I expect the fire to burn brightly for House this season and the entire secondary.

Dave from Kaukauna, WI

Jahri Evans is in his 12th season. Most offensive lineman learn more than one position. Many guards play center. Does Evans? Has he played center in college or in preseason or regular-season NFL games? Because he has to learn all the plays, are all his reps at guard? I want to know if he’s already had reps at center for the Pack.

Evans has started his entire career at right guard. You get those privileges when you’ve been selected to six Pro Bowls. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t worked at center before. Prior to the NFL, Evans was the starting left tackle for Bloomsburg (Pa.) University. He’ll continue to work as a right guard in Green Bay.

Justin from Normal, IL

Will the coaches ever ask Aaron Rodgers to pick on a particular matchup during practice to better evaluate that DB? Or is it all about making sure the offense
Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale makes the proper read and executes?

It’s probably more the latter, but Rodgers and a lot of the best quarterbacks in the NFL have been known to test their younger defensive backs to see how they react. This secondary gets to practice against one of the best to ever do it on a daily basis. What better way to prepare for Sunday?

Bob from Park City, UT

Aaron has mentioned several times in interviews the importance and knowledge regarding nutrition on his health and potential ability to play plenty more years. We know Aaron gave up dairy, but can you tell us what books or sources Aaron uses for his nutrition guidelines?

I don’t know the specifics, but he and the Packers have a ton of resources. I’ve lost count of how many players have credited Packers director of performance nutrition, Adam Korzun, for helping structure their offseason diet.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

The Packers score a TD. A two-point conversion ties the game. It is early in the third quarter. Would you go for two in the season opener? The playoffs?
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Not unless there’s less than 8 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

Craig from Cedarburg, WI

Regarding the press box discussion, do all media outlets pay for their credentials to sit in the press box? Space-wise, is it comparable to the revenue associated with the space it consumes in the stadium?

News organizations don’t pay for credentials. It would kind of defeat the purpose of free press if they did. The order of a press box depends largely on the affiliate covering the team. The two longest-tenured organizations, the Green Bay Press-Gazette and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, probably have the best seats in the house in the front row near the 50-yard line. It’s not like that everywhere. As Spoff said, many teams push the media to the end zones nowadays. The Lee Remmel Press Box is one of the best in the NFL.

Curt from Locust Grove, GA

If I’m a second- or third-string player and want to improve my craft in the offseason, but can’t have contact with the coaches, what are my options to help me become a starter when I know I may not get enough snaps once practice starts?

I’d work my tail off at either the team headquarters or an independent training facility before and after the offseason program. Then, I’d study the heck out of my playbook, take mental notes when watching from the sideline and maximize every rep. If you’re a young player, you better bring 110 percent Personalized Redskins Jersey. Everyone else will.Women’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap.

Luke from Carrboro, NC

Do you think all of the rule changes towards safety, and promoting the passing game in general, will encourage more teams to tank? The quarterback position is more important now than it ever was, and teams will give up entire seasons to get “the man.”

In my opinion, there’s only one position really worth tanking for in the NFL – quarterback – and it’s not a certainty there’s one worthy of taking every year. NBA teams can do it because there’s usually a potential superstar lurking at one of those three primary positions.

Grant from West Allis, WI

Certain positions needing time to evolve also may lead to lost games early that cost the Personalized Titans Jersey team a chance at home field. Training camp is where it needs to be ironed out.

I think you mean wrinkled out.

Ben from De Pere, WI

Enough with all this elephant talk. We’ve got some lions and cheetahs on this defense now.

Are those like safetybackers?

Trevor from Waukesha, WI

I think Kirk Cousins should be happy he continues to get tagged. He’s getting top dollar for the third year in a row.

Not a bad way to make a living. His agent, Mike McCartney, is one of the best. He knows what he’s doing.

Sean-Luc from Oceanside, CA

You guys keep saying “there’s no way to know what position will get hit by injuries the hardest.” At this point the team is just lying to itself. Matthews and Perry haven’t been healthy for an extended period of time in the past 3-4 years. That leaves three more injury-prone backups: Fackrell, Biegel, Elliott who all have not seen significant snaps as players. This situation is the equivalent of walking into the 2016 season with your secondary hinging on a player who had a history of concussions. Are y’all blind? Are the coaches blind?

Wasn’t cornerback considered to be one of the strongest positions on the entire team a year ago? It would’ve been great to stash another two or three cornerbacks for a rainy day, but you can only keep so many on your 53-man roster. 

Dante from Fredericksburg, VA

I don’t understand how you guys don’t think we’re not an injury away at OLB from getting no pass rush.

Before Julius Peppers came to town, the Packers were starting undrafted rookies and waiver claims across from Clay Matthews for years. Matthews, Perry, two young draft picks and Elliott are not a bad lot.

Greg from Brooklyn, WI

A football question, as opposed to a prognostication about the upcoming season: Can Mason Crosby and his potential holder/snapper get together “on the side” to tune up their operation? I gather players work out away from the facility in the offseason, but how about the specialists?

Players are allowed to train and work out together, but holding is a pretty rudimentary operation. On a side note, my favorite holding story was Tim Masthay going so far as to buy a JUGS machine before camp in 2013 to get used to holding for a left-footed kicker (Giorgio Tavecchio). Classic.

Carl from Marshfield, WI

I would Custom Buccaneers Jersey also like to thank Vic for sharing his knowledge and his humor. I was surprised the salary cap wasn’t mentioned in his last column. After all, the cap was the subject that started it all, right? It’s been an easy offseason in that respect for the Insiders given the FA acquisitions, and I am not sure where you stand. Rewind to previous seasons, perhaps 2014. Was the Byrd the word? Do the Insiders agree you don’t know the NFL if you don’t know the cap?

I know I can’t afford to buy things if I don’t have money in my bank account. You gotta be smart with your cash whether you’re a lowly sports writer or an NFL executive.

Chadro from Janesville, WI

Mike or Wes, regarding the fastest player on the team, what about Max McCaffrey? I heard he ran his 40 in under 4.4. Why is he never mentioned in the conversation? My guess is because we have never actually seen him play in a game.

I enjoyed talking with McCaffrey for the story I wrote earlier this month. He is quick, but I’m careful about talking numbers unless they’re recorded at the NFL Scouting Combine. McCaffrey shouldn’t be overlooked. I was seriously impressed by his route-running this offseason. He’s in the mix.

Brett from Kiln, MS

With Vic gone, might the Packers be looking for someone experienced to field a few questions? Like, say, a former QB, for example?

And you guys think I’m long-winded…

Brian from Kenosha, WI

I predict that Ty Montgomery will have a breakout season at RB and cement his future HOF status. Real question: when he gets his number retired in Lambeau, will it be 88, his new number, or both?

There will be a space under his name reading: “Insert number here.”

Eric from Bloomington, IL

If you count characters between Ty Montgomery and the number 88 you will find that there are 12 characters a piece without spacing. TYMONTGOMERY & EIGHTY-EIGHT. Sew the pillow.

Get the man a pillow.

Ryan from Green Bay, WI

I was thinking of a way the game could be changed in a particular aspect, and I believe a minor league system would be beneficiary. While I know NFL Europe didn’t make it, a stateside league just might. Allowing guys from the 90-man training-camp roster to sign with the team, as well as other free agents, would allow these players to be called up into game action during times of injury.

I would love to have a bona-fide development league. There is such a steep drop-off from the guys who are good enough to make rosters and practice squads, and other leagues. At the same time, I don’t see how it’s feasible. So many have tried and failed.

Greg from Hamilton, Ontario

After the 53-man roster has been set, what do the rest of the 90-man roster players do the rest of the year? They all can’t be put on the practice squad.

A few will go to the CFL and some may choose to give arena football a chance. Others will never play again.

Griffin from Belmont, NC

Do you ever think draftees are disappointed about going to Green Bay because it lacks the pizazz that a young player with new wealth would want? Or is the chance to learn and play with a winning franchise enough for a young athlete?

Winning comes first. I think every draft pick likes the idea of competing for a Super Bowl right off the bat. At least, that notion would be enticing to Wes Hodkiewicz.

Mike from Raleigh, NC

This summer is extra special for me because I’m going to buy a jersey, something I haven’t been able to afford much. I’ve worked hard and it’s almost decision time. Is there a jersey that you cherish stashed away somewhere?

The jersey I cherish the most – and I won’t make y’all relive the Rashaan Salaam story again – is probably J.J. Hardy. I wore it all the time in high school. It also reminds me of the first time I went to spring training in 2009. I’d like to add the jersey I cherish the least is probably my Gary Payton Bucks jersey. My parents got it for me as a present. That wound still hasn’t healed.

Nicholas from Elkhorn, WI

Congrats on the baby boy! I am in the same boat with the name thing. We have twin boys due on Christmas Day and I am trying to sell my wife on Lambeau and Lombardi Heiser. What do you think?

It’s a nice gesture, but please keep in mind those twins will be taking care of you someday. I don’t want to be responsible.

Gary from Spokane, WA

Do you feel like a jar on the shelf?

More like a rat in a cage.

Decoda from Memphis, TN

“It’s an evolving situation that will attract our constant attention, but we can’t Personalized Buccaneers Jersey fall into the rush-to-judgement trap.” – Mike. This reminds me of one of my life philosophies, “Nothing is as bad as it seems in the moment of occurrence.” Wes, all we need is a good quote from you that can be attributable to both life and football. What have you?

“I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.”

Mike from Lees Summit, MO

Now that Vic is gone, I can see this column succumbing to discussions about “Game of Thrones” and everything else that has nothing to do with Packers football. I’m 58, so I’m no kid. But I do know one thing, this website is called I also don’t care a whit for baseball. It’s not football, thank God. I feel cheated every time I see the response, “Works for me.” At the very least Custom Titans Jersey, hire someone to pick the questions for you. I know what your response will be, “OK”. God, I miss you, Vic.

Works for me.


Hall call worth the wait for Custom Buccaneers Jersey Mark Lee

Packers Hall of Fame selection “better late than never” for former cornerback

GREEN BAY – Mark Lee didn’t know whether this day would ever come. After all, it had been more than 25 years since he last stepped foot on an NFL football field.Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

However, there the former Packers Custom Buccaneers Jersey cornerback stood Saturday evening – finally a member of the Packers Hall of Fame.

“My mom always said better late than never, baby,” said Lee shortly before the Packers Hall of Fame banquet. “I always took with respect hearing that from her. It came and hit me by surprise, which I think is the best way. I was pretty shocked when I got that phone call.”

Back in the place he called home for 11 of his 12 NFL seasons, Lee tried not to get emotional when reflecting on the journey he’d taken from Hansford, Custom Buccaneers Jersey Calif., to Lambeau Field.

A second-round pick in 1980, Lee caught 31 of his 32 NFL interceptions as a member of the Packers. He missed only eight games in Green Bay, starting 139
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Bob Jimenez has been with Lee since the beginning. The two were introduced to each other when Lee was a 15-year-old freshman at Santa Marie (Calif.) High Personalized Titans Jersey School.

Jimenez was the varsity football coach and Lee’s health teacher. Lee was only a 110-pound kid at the time, struggling to fill out his football jersey, but Jimenez still could see the potential.

Lee lived up to every Personalized Redskins Jersey expectation. In Jimenez’s 43 years of coaching, he said the newest Packers Hall of Famer will go down as the greatest player he ever coached.

“He was the most fluid and talented athlete I ever coached and I saw a bunch a good ones,” said Jimenez, who presented Lee for induction. “He’s still the best, hardest-working guy.

“Nothing was ever easy in a lot of parts of Mark’s life, but he overcame everything because he’s just tough and durable and versatile among other things. I love the guy like a son I never had. I’ll be here for him the rest of my days.”

Lee’s career came with its share of highs and lows. While there were more
Women’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap losses than wins, the lifelong friendships Lee forged are what make Lee smile when looking back on his time in Green Bay.

Professionally, the 1982 season will forever hold a special place in his heart. It was in that season – his third in the NFL – Lee played in his only two playoff games for the Packers.

He carved out a special part in Packers history with a 22-yard interception return for a touchdown, pulling Green Bay within one score of the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter of the postseason’s second round.

“That was a very memorable time for me,” said Lee of the playoff run, which ended in a 37-26 defeat. “The Personalized Buccaneers Jersey I played 11 years and those were the only two playoff games I got to play in here. It sticks in my mind.”

Lee spent the last 25 years wondering if his resume would be sufficient to be considered for the Packers Hall of Fame. His biggest achievement – a nine-interception campaign in 1986 – is still tied for second in franchise history for a single season.

In the end, he finally got the call he was waiting for and it was well worth the wait.

“It means a lot,” Lee said. “We all play (to be), at the end of the season, the last team standing with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for me, but this right here is just as good. I’ll wear this with a badge of honor the rest of my life.”

More Packers HOF coverage

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It can’t get any Personalized Titans Jersey more competitive

The windows don’t close on elite quarterbacks

Joe from Aurora Personalized Titans Jersey, IL

Just saw the pictures of Mike Daniels at Comic-Con. Great to see him having so much fun and it’s great to see the lighter side of him compared to what we’re used to seeing on the field. My question is, are there any other players whose hobbies or interests seem to contradict their on-field personality?

I remember talking to Charles Woodson once about him starting piano lessons when he came to Green Bay.

Bill from Bloomfield Hills, MI

When do you call the window closed for a SB winner to repeat with his team? Not yet for Brady, Rodgers and Wilson, yes for Brees and Eli. What about Flacco and Roethlisberger?Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale.

I’m not closing the window on any of those guys. The elite ones who have done it before are always capable of doing it again in my book. It’s a quarterback-driven league.

Jeff from Cobb, WI

Observations: 1) Safetybacker is my new favorite term. 2) A guy named Sean-Luc from Oceanside, Calif., uses the term ‘y’all’. I love this column!

Insider Inbox is like a box of chocolates.

Josh from Columbus, OH

Has a team ever lined up from the 15 to take an extra point and then attempted a fake field goal for two points? Is this even an option?

It’s an option, but a pretty dumb one, and not just due to the 13 yards. If a team’s fake-field-goal play is good enough, don’t you Custom Buccaneers Jersey run it when it would be worth six rather than just two?

Dano from Madison, WI

Call me an overly optimistic homer, but in my 50-plus years of watching the Packers, I think this is the deepest roster of quality players that I’ve ever seen. I rarely ever make predictions, but I think we are going to see some young defensive players blossom before our eyes this year. Am I delusional? Which is OK when you’re a homer.

I prefer optimism to expectations. Success can still be enjoyed with the former, not so much with the Custom Titans Jersey latter.Men’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Light Blue Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Joe from Milwaukee, WI

Which undrafted or practice squad holdover player are you most excited to see?

One undrafted rookie we haven’t seen yet is receiver Michael Clark, because he missed OTAs and minicamp due to injury, but at 6-6, 217, I’m curious. The practice-squad holdovers who have my interest are linebacker Reggie Gilbert and tight end Beau Sandland.

Martin from Bonn, Germany

If I look at our secondary, I do not see many true playmakers/ball-hawks next to Clinton-Dix and I have been missing confidence and a certain swag with these guys. Is it the constant mix of packages/roles with many hybrid players that shifts focus away from the individual players towards the unit as a whole? Have we forgotten about the value of star players on defense?

Success comes before swagger. Randall had it as a rookie, lost it last year when he got hurt. House is back with something to prove. King and Jones will get their chances. It’s a new year and a new mix.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Can Wes run the playograph for us this year?

There’s an infinite number of playographs for every game nowadays. It’s called the internet.

Daniel from Pittsburgh, PA

Are all of the people that were banned by Vic allowed back now?Women’s Nike Custom Made Tennessee Titans Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap.

Everyone has a clean slate with me. Well, almost everyone.

Al from Pasadena, CA

OK, here’s my attempt to make the Insiders’ HOF. We marvel at Rodgers’ ability to avoid the rushers. My theory is that because he has large eyes he has better peripheral vision than normal which makes it seem he has eyes in the back of his head. Will this qualify me?

No, but nice try.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Vic often bristled when readers accused him of being a “fan” of a particular team, his reaction suggesting that he believed his job required neutrality. Mike and Wes, on the other hand, seem nonplussed about mixing fandom with covering the Pack. Did either/both of you discuss this differing view with Vic? If so, how did the conversation go?

I never discussed it with him, but I don’t consider myself a fan in the same sense y’all are fans. Do I want the Packers to win? Sure. I can feel that way because I work for the team and not for a newspaper anymore. But I still don’t watch the game the way a fan does. I can’t or I wouldn’t be able to do my job well. This is an oversimplification, but fans react, reporters analyze. I can’t be reactionary or my analysis isn’t worth much. But from where I sit, this job is a lot more fun when the Packers win, ergo, I hope they do.

Jon from Warsaw, IN

Why does it feel like some supposedly “neutral” sportscasters go on a mission to dis a particular team, coach or player? Or all of the above? And then like a bunch of rabid gossipers on Facebook, the entire media world on every channel takes it up? Is there no integrity left?

Media covering the media has become its own industry. It doesn’t interest me, but there’s no going back now.

Omar from Baltimore, MD

Years ago I asked Vic about the transition from paper to digital media, but my question for Spoff is, since you moved to before Vic, has there been a significant increase in traffic along with the rise of smartphones, or did Vic take credit for that?

With the Jaguars, Vic entered the purely digital world before I did, but his arrival in Green Bay coincided with a sea change in the content of, with the blessing of management. My first five years here, we didn’t answer fan questions (whether via “Ask Vic” or live chats), nor write editorials, produce our own game-preview videos or WYMM segments, have a comments section, etc. Now, our operation has exploded, and our staff has grown in all areas as a result. It’s been a blast to be part of the entire evolution. As for your traffic question, a couple of years ago, we hit the point where half of our page/video views came from mobile devices, and the balance vs. desktop has continued to skew mobile/app since. It’s a lot to manage, and we try to have fun doing it.

Bill from Staten Island, NY

The NFL headlines on all sorts of sites have been full of suspension news in the past week. This includes news of Allison’s suspension for one week. Does the NFL conduct tests during the OTAs and the results just now come in? I wonder about this because you can mark your calendar by NFL suspension announcements in mid-July. What’s the timing on all this?

I think the timing has to do with all appeals on suspensions being heard and adjudicated. Once they’re all done, the league announces the final decisions en masse.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

Mike, I am actually confident in our RB situation, even without them putting on the pads yet. With Ty and Rip established I think these young guys are hungry and have proven themselves in college. How confident are you?

At a young man’s position, I think stocking up on draft picks and seeing who emerges will prove to be a wise approach. The Packers couldn’t Personalized Buccaneers Jersey have set it up to be any more competitive.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Heaven forbid if AR went down for any amount of time. Is Hundley ready?

No way to know until he’s called upon. No offense to Hundley, but your Personalized Titans Jersey question is one you don’t want to have to answer.

Nick from Chicago, IL

Wes is such a troll…I love it! On a football note, do we know who the Packers will play against in their throwbacks?

Haven’t heard yet, but I’ll keep an ear out.

Dale from Kettering, OH

How long are the “unscouted looks” in the pipeline before Coach McCarthy decides they can be used in a game?

The entire playbook for the season is installed in OTAs and training camp. Then it comes down to what’s put in the game plan for a given week and practiced for that particular game. There are things they work on in training camp that they might not practice again for a few months. And just because it’s in a game plan doesn’t mean it gets called on Sunday. It’s a week-to-week deal.

Tyler from Vacaville, CA

Insiders, after last season the Packers-Bears series is finally tied at 94-94-6. The Packers lead in Super Bowl championships (4-1) and it’s likely a Rodgers-led Packers team will continue stacking wins against them. The last thing to put the Bears in the rearview mirror is with Hall Of Famers. As credited on the HOF website by franchise, the Bears have 32 and the Packers have 29. Playing the game of who gets in, I could see the Bears adding Urlacher and Jared Allen to their list to get to 34. Meanwhile, the Packers could add Woodson, Rodgers, McCarthy, and Peppers? Plus, some longshots like Kramer and Butler. Do you foresee the Packers ever passing the Bears to take this record as well?

Going by “primary” Hall of Famers, the Bears have 27 and the Packers 24. Allen and Peppers won’t count either way. I think Devin Hester gets in along with Urlacher, so Woodson and Rodgers keep the gap at three. I think another Super Bowl gets McCarthy in. Will Mike Holmgren get in someday? Butler is a possibility, too, and Kramer is at the top of everyone’s snub list. Jay Hilgenberg is an oft-mentioned snub in Chicago, with his seven straight Pro Bowls. It’ll be tough to catch up, but it’s possible.

Gary from Sheboygan, WI

Guys, what’s with some of the fans raving about these rookies? I am in favor of the wait-and-see attitude. Or do they want to be able to say “I was the first to know he was going to be a star”?

Everyone loves predictions – making them, hearing them, discussing them. Are you not entertained?

Ryan from Dubuque, IA

Your response to Derek from Eau Claire has me pretty irritated. Why would you not try to tie the game? I don’t care if it’s the first quarter, I’m going for two. A field goal puts you ahead either way. You’d look pretty stupid if you kicked the extra point and neither team scored the rest of the game.

I’m with Wes on this one, though I lean more toward the 10-minute mark of the fourth quarter. Chasing those points early is a fool’s errand with so many possessions left in a game. Down two points in the first half? If you want to look stupid, go for two, don’t get it, give up a TD late in the third quarter and now you’re down two scores. That’s one of many reasons the timing matters.

Ryan from Somerset, WI

What is the longest timed drive in NFL history?

It’s not hard to find with some quick research, but I posted this because until looking into it, I never knew that the three longest timed drives in league history produced a measly three total points, and that one of the most memorable controversies from my childhood made the list. First, the record – Thanksgiving Day, 1997, the Tennessee Oilers started on their own 9, went 90 yards in 21 plays, consumed 13:27, and kicked a 19-yard field goal at Dallas. Next is the Giants, who went 53 yards in 19 plays to kill the final 12:53 of the 2000 NFC title game against the Vikings without scoring. Then, my favorite. In December 1982, the Patriots went 79 yards in 19 plays over 12:42 against the Dolphins and missed a short field goal in the second quarter. No wonder they brought out the snow plow in the fourth.

Dan from Denton, TX

We will be hitting 6K miles on our July trip from Texas via Cali when we get to our first-ever training camp on Thursday. I hauled my son’s bike in hopes he gets a player to ride it, but I have yet to see any information on where he should go, time to be there, etc. Can you help?

I’m no expert on the protocol, but I see kids lining up with their bikes anywhere from 45-60 minutes or more before practice. You’ll see where all the action is. It’s impossible to miss. Safe travels, and enjoy the weekend, everybody.